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5:21 PM on 06.23.2013

Tele-glitch: Retro Revolutionised.

I purchased tele-glitch after watching TotalBiscuits 'WTF is' and thinking it was something different 4 months after purchase and I'm not even on the sixth level of the damn thing, maybe you presume I'm a bad gamer maybe the games too difficult or maybe its because the seemingly over powered boss i cant get past but keep trying too because this game holds something that the rest of the rogue-like top down style genre has not really been able to entice me with. FTL for example was cool i really do love the game but after a week or so tired of the same boring mechanics and  fights that eventually i found it too easy to win, Tele-glitch on the other hand throws you into a room with shattered glass on the floor throws a mouse and keyboard at you and says "don't expect to leave anytime soon, you're here for the long run, welcome to Tele-glitch.. Welcome to death" and hell this game deals death in troves.

Through this article i will be using FTL as the rogue-like i will compare it to due to the fact they are the only two i really had the time to get into and enjoyed, yet i can plainly say the gaming industry is thriving with new ways to test my patience with other Rogue-Like games and in a sense difficulty modes in games like the Devil May Cry reboot or The Witcher 2 both featuring modes in which if you die, save deleted game over hours of time gone which in the sense of a rogue-like is very true to is nature and makes for a different experience which tele-glitch truly does offer with the balance of having no saving features possibly the largest con to the game.

Back to the point Tele-Glitch as a title places itself game wise in a Sci-Fi survival world wherein an outbreak of Tele-glitches the result of failed teleportation hardware creating essentially random black holes you being the character assessing the condition of the facilities 20 different levels and areas all randomly generated with similar set pieces every time you spawn going through level to level defeating enemies, the mechanic i found intriguing and setting the game apart from the rest is the crafting system, the ability to turn a pistol into a nail gun then adding a couple of pipes to make a semi automatic nail shotgun, or a large tube and some explosives to make a panzerfaust leading to different and innovative approaches to a combat situation.

How i feel the game really appeals to me is that I have the ability to be creative with my decision whether in FTL i feel like i build a rhythm when destroying ships which is focus on weapons systems and shields and it always works yet in Tele-Glitch its always dependant on if i have the items tom go "can i survive this ambush, do i have the ammo? What kind of resistance am i expecting" its always something different with this game and i love it.

What makes the game somewhat irreproachable sometimes is the lack of features, yes i know its a indie game with a limited budget but cant we even have a basic 8 bit soundtrack, or rebindable keys,  no proper graphical options or sound options which makes it a but of an annoyance when i want to hear the game and my music.

What this game results in is an abundance of creativity a real result of dedication to gameplay and mechanics, what i expected was a basic sort of loot hoarding monster killing game, what i got was something new and fresh of a genre in which the last time i had fun in was a game called Crimson land, hopefully Tele-glitch can properly start a new breed of off the wall indie games.   read

4:32 PM on 04.03.2013

The Nostalgia Effect, But not as we know it. -Bioshock Infinite-


It's normal for a new game to give us the feeling of nostalgia of other titles from the same genre, but when a franchise can provoke nostalgia from a sequel to the previous games, the writing of the game becomes one of it's own.

The game i'm talking about here is Bioshock Infinite.
2am this morning i was so determined to finish Bioshock, so enthralled in the story and world, the fanboys of the series i know cried and screamed that the big daddy's were replaced by bigger but less intimidating and non-memorable handymen, and that the new game essentially an extension of the series. but personally Bioshock infinite gives you the impression that the days of underwater cities are over and the big daddy's are gone, that never again will we see Rapture. Possibly one of the most creative game worlds ever conceived, yet Bioshock Infinite with one hell of a plot twist thanks to Elizabeth's ability to make tears in the world and go anywhere at anytime takes you back, one more time to Rapture not only in an element to progress the story to it's epic finale but in my opinion to take previous players of the series back into a moment of breathlessness and nostalgia. Ken Levine the lead writer of the Bioshock series has become possibly my favourite video game writer because he knows how to evoke memories and emotions.

Maybe, just maybe if video game writers can sustain this level of diversity, emotion provoking events and well written characters. then hopefully we can avoid writing disasters in the like of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Dead Island.   read

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