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Callusing's blog

3:14 PM on 09.22.2013

The Bullseye: A tale of two games

A brief look at one gun, two games, and what they say about the transition from the old school to the new school of shooters In most shooters, the first few guns you get are bog standard.  A pistol here, an machine gun there...   read

4:28 PM on 09.15.2013

Horror gaming's horrific obsession

Horror fans have had a great couple months.  In film, The Conjuring has been a bigger box office success than any traditional horror movie in nearly a decade, and You're Next has been dragged from production purgatory to heap...   read

12:19 AM on 09.07.2013

Proposal: The Destructoid Writers' Group

On June 7th, I created my Destructoid account.  Over the next 6 weeks, I wrote three posts.  Not one of them was good.  In fact, they were so far below my expectations that I stopped writing for over a month.  And then last S...   read

1:23 PM on 09.02.2013

Does Ryse deserve the hate?

It's difficult to think of a recent E3 reveal that went  more poorly than XboxOne launch title Ryse.  This wasn't like us laughing at the technical follies of Wonderbook or cringing at the awkwardness of Wii Music.  This wasn...   read

12:53 AM on 07.16.2013

On MOBAs: We've been here before

The MOBA is here to stay.  Its appeal to gamers is obvious--you don't get to 12 million players a day on a single game without doing something right--as is its appeal to developers, rooted in its perfect framework for steal...   read

11:16 PM on 06.27.2013

McMillen's Masterful Tutor

Even if everybody on the ice wore the exact same jerseys, any hockey fan could pick out Sidney Crosby in an instant. NHL players are obviously all a talented lot--that's why they get paid to do something millions of Canadia...   read

11:25 AM on 06.07.2013

How to argue about video game violence: A primer

The gaming community has a violence problem. The video game industry has grown into a behemoth, boasting $67 billion a year in income, counting 80% of youths and adolescents among its clients, and spending millions each year ...   read

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