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6:29 AM on 07.30.2013

Top 5 GTA Games

With the official release of the gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V, we thought it would be a good idea to comes up with a top five of the best GTA games so far. As with all top five’s this list is open to debate.

#5: Chinatown Wars
The first game in our list is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Released in 2009, Chinatown Wars is extremely different to the other games in the series, which is a big reason as to why I included it in this list. The plot focuses on Huang Lee who has recently arrived in Liberty City to deliver an ancient sword to his uncle Kenny which will enable his family to take control of the Triad Gangs.

Unlike previous GTA games where the graphics and view have been from an aerial or ground level perspective, Chinatown has a fully rotatable camera view and is in a somewhat cartoony style.

Some memorable missions included protecting Melanie whilst she was filming a drug deal, destroying a gambling den and rescuing Heston.

#4: IV
Coming in at number four is GTA IV – a game that caused controversy and was very nearly banned due to the drink driving feature in the game. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving group requested that the game either be banned or altered. As a compromise, the developers added a piece of dialogue stating the main characters doubts about drink driving.

The themes of GTA IV are rather interesting and completely different to any game that came before it. As GTA IV is the first game to have a non-American main character (Niko Bellic – a former Yugoslav soldier who fought in the wars during the 90s).  The themes focus more towards the state of American culture and the characters own ideas and cynical attitude towards life in America.

Memorable missions in GTA IV included killing Anthony Spoleto by attaching a bomb to his car (and blowing it up), steal the Russian's coke boats and using a sniper from the rooftops.

#3: San Andreas
The next game in our list is GTA: San Andreas. Set in 1992.  The plot focuses on the return of Carl Johnson who has spent the last five years in prison, to his gang in San Andreas and their return to power.

San Andreas offers a lot of variety, with three cities, countryside, forests and deserts to explore; you can take a break from the main storyline whilst still enjoying the game.
I remember doing a couple of drive-by shootings, stealing weapons off a train and stealing a car with a tracking system as some of the missions in San Andreas.

#2: III
GTA III narrowly missed out on top spot but certainly one of the best in the GTA series. Possibly the most revolutionary in the series as it was the first game to be released in 3D and introduced many new features to the franchise.

The game focuses on a character known as Claude, who after being arrested for armed robbery, ultimately escapes from a prison truck and ends up working for Luigi Goterelli.
As this game was created in 2001, the graphics may not be as detailed and high quality when compared to today’s games, but that doesn’t matter. GTA III is an outstanding game, the storyline, the soundtrack and even small things like the voice acting are almost perfect. If you have never played a GTA game before, start with GTA III.

There was a good street race between cars (for which I learned the hard way that you’re not allowed to blow the wheels off your opponents), killing 10 diablos and later killing 25 Purple Nines in two minutes!

#1: Vice City
The game that has to fill the number one position in our countdown is GTA: Vice City; a prequel to GTA III. Set in 1986, GTA: Vice City sees Tommy Vercetti, having been released from prison, sent to Vice City to act as a buyer in a cocaine deal.
Vice City took the best points of GTA III and improved upon them greatly. The characters in Vice City had a greater backstory than previous games, an improved storyline and a larger world for you to explore. Furthermore, the soundtrack is filled with some of the greatest songs from the 1980’s.

Grand Theft Auto is a series that goes from strength to strength with each new game. With the upcoming release of GTA V, you can be certain that the series will be taken to a whole new level.

Phil Collins was in this game to be killed, but notable missions included driving around in a limo whilst Love Fuse defused a bomb inside, blowing up a store whilst posing as a cop and then the ultimate… killing Lance Vance!


After bringing back these memories I cannot wait for GTA V to be released in September!   read

10:16 AM on 07.29.2013

The 5 Hardest Missions in Grand Theft Auto History


One of the main features that makes Grand Theft Auto games extremely enjoyable are the missions. Each GTA game is filled with missions that everybody will remember, even years since you last played the game. However, with every enjoyable mission, there are missions that will make you want to smash the TV in aggravation. Let’s take a look the five hardest missions in GTA history shall we:

#5: Bomb Da Base Act II

One of the hardest missions from Grand Theft Auto III was Bomb da Base Act II. This mission had three different objectives:

1) Take 8-Ball to Portland Harbour
2)Get to the vantage point
3) Take out the Cartel members and protect 8-Ball

Although the first two objectives of this mission are extremely easy, the final objective will live long in the memory due to its difficulty.

As you were hiding in your vantage point in the harbour, you had to use the sniper rifle given to you by 8-Ball to get rid of the Cartel gang members that were protecting the boat. By killing these gang members, you also had to protect 8-Ball while he runs onto the boat to plant explosives.  If 8-Ball was killed you failed the mission and you had to start again… for the seventh time.[b][size=3]

#4: Hose the Hoes
Available in Vice City Stories, the Hose the Hoes mission had three different objectives that you needed to complete:

1) Get a fire engine to help you put out the fire.
2)Put out the fire before the girls inside the building died
3)Kill the arsonist

If the building is destroyed, the main character’s girlfriend dies or the arsonist escapes, you failed the mission. There was so much going on in this mission that you needed to pay close attention to everything that is happening as one mistake resulted in the failure of the mission.[b][size=3]

#3: The Driver
This mission was the third of four missions you received from the Malibu Club, and although it looked like a simple racing mission at the start, The Driver was quite possibly the hardest mission throughout GTA: Vice City.

The aim of The Driver was to defeat Hilary King in a street race to ensure that he would become your getaway driver. This mission was difficult as you were racing against the best driver in Vice City driving a very basic car.  Taking part in the mission itself increased your wanted level. You weren’t even allowed to push Hilary’s car off the road to beat him as you needed to keep him alive for the rest of the story.

A lot of this mission was down to how well you could drive and I guarantee that all of you that defeated this mission never wanted to play it again.[b][size=3]

#2: A Drop in the Ocean
Another tough mission from GTA III was A Drop in the Ocean. The basic principle of this mission involved collecting packages that had been dropped out of a plane into the ocean. Although this mission may sound simple, it was anything but. This mission was so difficult because not only did you have to complete it in the dark at night, you also had to avoid the police who were also trying to get hold of these packages. If the police collect any of the packages or you were spotted by the police, you failed the mission.

#1: Air Raid
The Air Raid mission was in GTA: San Andreas and is the first mission you received from Zero. You had to use a mini gun to destroy mini planes that had been sent to destroy Zero’s transmitters. If either Zero died or the transmitters were destroyed, you failed the mission.

Although the mission started off relatively easy as only a few planes appeared at the beginning of the mission, as time went on more and more planes began to appear, so you needed to pay close attention.

That’s the five hardest missions I have played in the back catalogue of Grand Theft Auto to date.  And with the upcoming release of GTA V, you can be sure that this list will need updating in a few months’ time as no doubt Rockstar Games will have included a fair share of even more difficult missions in September’s release.[/size][/b][/size][/b][/size][/b]   read

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