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Calidreth avatar 8:35 PM on 06.16.2013  (server time)
What's Up Destructoid

It's funny, I went to create a new account here and completely forgot that I already did . . . several years ago.  Anyway, I've been looking around for a place to blog and remembered I spend more time on this game site than any other; so I put two and 2 together (genius, I know).

So, hey I'm Calidreth; I'm a video producer and writer of video games.  Here's a little background; I began writing in 2004 one summer in between playing games and going to the beach.  Though I never had much interest in writing during school, that began to change when I saw reviewing competitions going on between users at GameFAQs.  The friendly competition and enthusiasm that many of the members had towards both gaming and writing awakened something in me, and got me curious on just how I could convey my love of gaming to others as well.  Above all, my parents really wanted me to get another hobby.

After doing some community writing for several years I decided to take some volunteer positions for a wide variety of gaming sites.  Starting in 2006 with HonestGamers, it was from the community there that I learned how to craft reviews that went beyond the generic "Herp, Gameplay-11/10, Sound-It's nice, Derp" stuff you'd see posted all over the web.  By mixing subjectivity and objectivity and putting an emphasis on a game's story, I wrote reviews with the intention of immersing readers into the game I was articulately explaining to them.  I owe a lot to the guys over at HonestGamers, so definitely check them out if you're looking for reviews with a strong personal touch to them.

From there I freelanced temporarily at Cheat Code Central, before taking other temp. positions at a wide variety of amateur sites.  I still do a lot writing to this day, with the goal of doing this for a full-time living one day.  With the recent obsession people have over video content though, I've also started dabbling in video and sound editing.  I currently stream on TwitchTV a few days a week, so stop by and check it out if you get the chance.

Even though I have been playing games since 1989, I would say my personal favorite gaming era was from 1996-2000.  The N64, PlayStation One and Dreamcast gave me a lot of great gaming memories, and a lot of the classics for these systems are among my favorite games of all time.  Though I'm a fan of modern gaming, I mostly play indie and retro games in my spare time (and on my stream).  There's something about the innovation and simplicity present in these types of games that take precedence for me over these 5-6 hour cut-scene heavy AAA games.

Still the best in my eyes

Look at the time, I think I've rambled a bit too long here.  Anyway, I've enjoyed the content at Destructoid  over the years (especially Podtoid) and that's why I decided to start a blog here.  I'll mainly be covering my subjective view on industry news on this page, along with personal gaming moments, reviews and editorials.  I look forward to meeting the community here and seeing all of your blogs as well.  Peace.

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