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What Direction is Smash Bros taking?

My Nintendo fanboy cred took a hit last night; I didn't watch the Smash Bros Direct live. To admit to my heresy, I forgot about it. My Facebook feed today, however, gave me an opportunity for penance [like Destructoid, folks!...


C-Blog Resume: Caliban

In today's game blog economy, I know you have a lot of candidates and only a few positions. However, I think I can be a key asset to your stable of c-blog writers, given a series of unique qualities. Qualifications: Sony I...


Dishonored and the Art of the Prologue

The art of the prologue is sorely neglected in the broader video game industry. Perhaps the very purpose of a prologue works against its utilization in modern interactive storytelling. A prologue works primarily to establish...


AAAnalysis: Borderlands 2

Nothing can prove to me more the power of the iterative sequel than Borderlands 2 has. The original Borderlands was an awkward, grindy, oftentimes mundane experience out of the box. The atmosphere overwhelmingly reminded ...


Recettear: Harmony of Concept and Gameplay

The mere idea of Recettear: An Item's Shop Tale is exciting for any gamer who plays role-playing games, be they Japanese, Western, Massively Multiplayer, Narratively Driven and so on. The shopkeepers in these games come off a...


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