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My dog, Tali, flipped her shiz when she heard a loud THUNK at the door. “What’s that?” I thought. I don’t remember ordering anything from Amazon recently…

Tali was obviously more concerned with escaping than with the strange package at the doorstep.

Anyway, to my surprise it’s a box from Destructoid! Written in (I assume) Hamza’s lovely handwriting. He even misspelled my zipcode, how adorable. :]

So what the Chell is in this package? I completely forgot that I had won something!

I took some scissors (no, not you) to it.

Yes, this is how I open things and yes, I still have all my fingers.

Drumroll please…

Rift? Oh yeahhhh, I won a collector's edition of Rift! EFFING SWEET!

It’s so heavy that I leaned it against my chin to keep it from falling out of my hands! I guess this is why it made a loud THUNK noise when the mail carrier decided to toss it up the stairs, that bastard.

This collection comes with some pretty cool stuff! I’m totes using this mouse pad at work, where no one has any idea what a video game even is.

Alas, while I did not open a rift into anyone’s heart as promised to win this entry, I am very grateful to have won. Thank you Dtoid, you truly are the happiest place on Earth (at least in my mind – I used to work at Epcot so I may be biased).

P.S. - wish me luck tomorrow, I have an on-site interview with Google and may or may not be joining the New England Dtoid group in the near future! ;]

P.P.S. – I promise a real blog is coming soon! I have it (mostly) written up and everything, for realsies!

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