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9:12 AM on 12.29.2010 // Caitlin Cooke

Alright so thank you friends I guess (seriously how did all of you look at my profile so quickly?! You guys are like some kind of awesome gamer army) for telling me how to use this blog properly :] My name is Cait, lately I've been posting on the forums as Caiters. Don't ask why I made two separate user names. I'm not entirely sure why. (EDIT: Fixed user name for optimal radness).

I've been playing games forever yada yada pretty much same story as everyone here I assume. My best friend began blogging professionally on Wow Insider and suggested that I start getting my ideas out on e-paper just as a hobby. So that's why I started

So I guess here I can get a little more personal :]

I'm 24 years old and technically a yuppie in the DC metro area -- which is definitely a huge leap for me coming out of college (I feel so grown up!). I can afford more consoles and games, but working an office job has obviously left me less time for gaming so I finish things...extremely slow.

Right now I'm in the midst of Fable III, Plants vs Zombies (best 5 bucks I've ever spent holy crap), Peggle Nights, The Secret of Monkey Island, and some various other games I need to finish like Silent Hill: Homecoming and Harvest Moon: TOT. I'm hoping to get to Psychonauts soon -- I kind of fell in love with Tim Schafer after Brutal Legend.

I'm generally into RPGs, puzzle games, silly games, etc. I'd have to say my favorites are Earthbound (SNES), NiGHTS Into Dreams (Saturn), The Neverhood (PC), Ocarina of Time (N64), the Katamari series, most of Bioware's games (the Mass Effect series, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR...)

I'm super excited for Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 -- although I'm really hoping they don't tard up DA2 after everything I've been reading about.

So, that's a little about me -- feel free to ask me questions, tell me lies, the boys are in the bathroom zipping up their flies...
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