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Happy 2011 all! I had a real first blog post planned out, but for some reason it didn't save my draft (or maybe I just can't find it). Thankfully, I was smart enough for once to save it to my other laptop so I should have it out by next week sometime. It's a blast from the past that I hope you all enjoy. :]

For now I'd just like to say thank you for all of your ridiculous, funny, and warm welcomes -- and feel free to enjoy a cupcake while reading my blog. It looks delicious, no?

I'm also going to add another game to my play list on the right: Alan Wake. It was recommended to me by a chick over at Kotaku that happens to have my exact opposite taste in games. I figured it's a good time to expand my gaming horizons -- what with the new year and all. Just don't expect me to start playing Gears of War any time soon. ;]

So far it feels like diet Silent Hill, but we'll see! Anyone else have thoughts that don't involve spoilers? If you haven't played AW, please discuss the following very important topic: Vanilla cupcakes w/chocolate frosting vs Chocolate cupcakes w/vanilla frosting.

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