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12:13 PM on 04.04.2012 // Caitlin Cooke
10 Donks About Caiters

Since Iíve been MIA for a while I certainly owe you guys some juicy tidbits. The problem is, I donít think I even know 10 things about myself. So I thought real hard, asked some friends, and hereís what I came up with:

I drive a stick

People seem surprised when I say this. Iím not really a car person (cars are kind of like sports to me; Iíll never understand them) but I enjoy playing a ďgameĒ while I drive. That game is changing gears and trying to avoid stalling.

I was on The Price is Right

Okay, well, I wasnít a contestant but I was in the audience! For my 21st birthday I wanted nothing more than to see Bob Barker live before he retired. My birthday is in May and he retired in June, so my boyfriend and I booked tickets to Las Vegas to celebrate, drove 4 hours to LA, and waited in line for another 12 hours before seeing Barker himself. I walked out hungry and exhausted but with a shiny new signed picture of Bob (the very last one they were giving away, Iím pretty sure I pushed a small child to the ground to snatch it). Itís now framed on my wall.

I donít have any piercings, tattoos, or emotional issues

Öthat I know of. But seriously, Iím blessed to be boring.

I didnít start wearing make-up until I was 22

I can only remember a handful of times I wore make-up before then (prom andÖokay maybe thatís it). I started because I figured it was time to grow up and look like everyone else in my mundane cubicle life. Now I work for a company that could care less about looks, but make up is something Iíve come to enjoy Ė kind of like art but on my face.

I was on campus during the Virginia Tech shootings

This is something Iím hesitant to share, mostly because I donít really know how to talk about it. Also because when people find out I graduated from VT in 2008 itís automatically the first thing they ask. And now that Iím writing about this here, you may feel obligated to say something but donít worry about it. Iím a-okay!

Anyway, I was a junior living on campus that year and that day I was running late to my 10am class in the building adjacent to Norris Hall. As I was running outside, I noticed people running at me in the opposite direction. Thatís when I also noticed that A) it was snowing (in April, wtf) and B) there were police officers on all sides of me yelling for me to get back inside my dorm. I ran inside along with another girl, who had just come from that side of campus. We watched as students continued to run, and she told me that she heard gunshots. I immediately went up to my room to warn my close friend and roommate, and a few minutes later we were told by our RA to stay inside our rooms, lock our doors, and close our shades. I remember not being able to reach the outside world (if youíve been in a crisis or environmental disaster before you know what I mean), and also eating stale french fries to sustain me for the next 8 hours. A few days later I visited my friend in the hospital, who (thankfully) got away with only a bullet in her hand. This event is still very surreal to me, and as the years go by I still think itís a bad dream. Speaking of dreamsÖ

I have some intense sleep times

Iím a vivid and lucid dreamer, but Iím also known to sleep walk, run, and punch. I also talk in my sleep, and I donít mean just mumbling. I have had full-on conversations with people that I will never remember. Some things Iíve said include:

ďIím the queen of England!Ē
ďWe have to get ALL the guys!Ē
ďThereís something flying around. Itís a thing. zzzzzzzĒ
ď(points up at ceiling) Iíll have one of everything!Ē (I actually remember being inside an ice cream shop in this dream)

My three favorite things are wine, video games, and Chipotle

I could solely live off of these things for the rest of my life.

I once lived in a haunted house

All right, I know what youíre saying: but Caitlin, I have logic in my brain and ghosts donít exist! Well Iím here to tell you that your brain is wrong. When I was in elementary school my parents rented out this sweet house that included a treehouse and creek in the backyard. Here are things that happened in that house:

I was locked inside of the basement in the middle of the night after turning Christmas lights off when everyone in my family was asleep. My mom had to bust the door down to let me out. Did I mention there were no locks on these doors?

One day while cleaning and listening to music, the radio dial started moving back and forth on its own (and the lights were flickering), so my mom shouted out ďPLEASE LEAVE US ALONEĒ and it immediately stopped.

My closet light was known to turn on in the middle of the night. (I actually thought this was pretty cool as a kid).

My brother slept-walked outside to the creek in the middle of the night, and when my mother found him she shook him awake and asked why he did this he said, ďI was following the voicesĒ(no lie).

I hate things that people commonly love such as ketchup, coffee, and babies

These are just not my things. Other things I hate include nuts in brownies, marinara sauce, and Garden State.

Bamamnas are my favorite flute

I will leave this up to you to interpret.


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