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CaimDark avatar 11:33 AM on 04.20.2013  (server time)
To Vita or not to Vita, that is the question

For the first time ever today, I joined the Dark Side and traded in a whole bunch of games at Gamestop. Like, around 30 games between PS3, Wii, 3DS and PSP. I generally like keeping my games, looking at them all nice and cozy on the shelf and smiling at the memories, and besides that kind of thing just doesn't exist in my home country, so trade-ins were barely on my radar. Besides, we never know when we'll get the urge to replay an old favorite. Right?

Until I decided it was time to let go. I realized that I had a lot of games I finished ages ago and never looked back. I never got the urge to play them again, what with the insane amount of new games coming out all the time, and that isn't likely to change in the future. And money is tighter now than it used to be thanks to a very unfavorable exchange rate for Brazilians in Norway (thanks a lot, Ms. President), so I decided to take the plunge. If I regret losing any game, I can always buy it again.

So I went to Gamestop with a backpack full of games, and came out with NOK 2015 in store credits, roughly 265. The cheapest games, Madworld and Knights Contract, netted me a whopping 1,31, while the most expensive, The Last Story and, surprisingly, The Sly Collection, made me 26.

I am now officially a convert to the trade-in world (unless we're talking about Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Those games will never, ever leave my shelf!). Sure, I spent many times more than 265 on those game, but it's still 265 I never expected to have. I won't rush games to get maximum trade-in value, that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole "having fun" thing, but after I'm done for good with a game I probably won't let it live on my shelf for years. Now how to spend the money...

Best case scenario, that money could have paid for most of my Wii U if I hadn't bought it on impulse, but oh well. I thought about a 3DS XL, but I already have a Zelda 3DS, so while that big screen is mighty appealing, I could buy something I don't have, like a Vita. Those 265 are enough to buy a Vita (it comes with 1 of two games I have zero interest in, and a 4gb memory card that barely holds anything, effectively ensuring I have to buy another) plus an extra game. I'm tempted, though I would be a lot more if I didn't have to buy one of those ludicrous memory cards, but for now I held off while I get some second and third opinions from you fine Vita owners.

For one thing, I have more than enough games already, and I wouldn't really use my Vita that much right now. I also suspect prices will drop when the PS4 launches. And the Vita has some games I want (Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Gravity Rush), but not many. I also don't keep up with Vita news, so I don't know what games are coming up other than Soul Sacrifice, and it seems the thing is getting very little support, even Sony seems to have forgotten about it, so I also worry I might buy a system that will have very little support in the future.

Anyways, I kept the urge to walk out of the store with that shiny new Vita in check and, for now, I just bought a 20 Steam Wallet code, and I'd like some advice from the community. How are you folks liking your Vita? Does it have more current and upcoming interesting games than I'm aware of, or is it gathering dust? Does it have any Wii U style performance issues? Should I just buy the damn thing?

Questions, questions... please help me answer them!

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