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CaimDark avatar 12:53 PM on 01.22.2014  (server time)
This Kickstarter Deserves Your Attention

After backing 4 of the earlier Kickstarters (Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, Dreamfall, Torment), I said "enough is enough" and passed over many interesting games. However, it's now 2014, some of those games are close to completion, and I'm ready to back a couple more. Today I backed Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics from the director of the likes of actics Ogre, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy XII, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a wonderfully promising historical RPG. Since Destructoid hasn't covered the latter's Kickstarter yet, that's the one I'd like to direct your attention to.

Notice I said historical RPG, not Fantasy RPG. That's because it will be set in real world Eastern Europe. No dragon, no dungeons, no magic. And it looks great! It's developed by Warhorse Studios, with Mafia (the games, not the criminal syndicate!) veteran Dan Vavra at the helm leading a team of talent that worked on Arma, Operation Flashpoint, Forza Horizon, Crysis 3 and others.

Dan Vavra is also the one who wrote the depressingly hilarious How to make Call of Duty Killer for less. Kingdom Come is a very ambitious game, attempting to successfully marry elements from Skyrim, The Witcher, Dark Souls and Mount and Blade. If it looks like the 300,000 (roughly $450,000) they are asking for can't possibly fund such a game, that's because it can't!

They've been working on it for 18 months and spent $3 million so far, and they will need many more months and millions to finish it. "Shockingly", they were turned down by every publisher (too niche), but they found a private investor who's willing to finance the rest of the game IF they can prove there's interest in it by successfully funding their Kickstarter.

I want this to succeed. I want more developers to prove that you don't need $100 million to make a great-looking, epic game. I want a deep, medieval RPG that's entirely based on history, which to my knowledge there isn't any. And dear god, I so want to play something that, as Dan Vavra puts it, mixes "the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount & Blade, the storytelling of The Witcher and the tough combat mechanics of Dark Souls all into a single, hopefully gorgeous, package".

It's a grand undertaking, to be sure. Will the final game live up to all their ambitions? I don't know. Do they ever? I'll be more than happy if they nail most of it. But that's not my main concern. My criteria for backing kickstarter is the same for lending money: I only do it if I'm okay never seeing that money again. In this case, I'm more than willing to take that chance. Would you like to join me?

For more details, check out this great Eurogamer Article/Interview. Oh, and I do hope Dtoid will pick this up give this this game a chance to shine in the front page!

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