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CaimDark avatar 12:07 PM on 09.01.2013  (server time)
Nintendo and Online: Seriously, It's Getting Ridiculous

You know you're really screwing up when you manage to piss off somebody like me with your online (non)policies. You see, I'm very much a single player guy. I like multiplayer as much as the next guy, but my main gaming drive are story-driven single player games. I roll my eyes when I hear talk of "persistent worlds" or tacked-on multiplayer on previously single-player games. Which doesn't mean I don't also like to play some games online, sometimes a lot, like Dark/Demons Souls, Monster Hunter or (gasp!) Call of Duty.

I also like Nintendo games, and many of them are perfect for multiplayer. I also happen to have a couple of friends in my home country who aren't hardcore like me, but also like Nintendo games and own Wii Us, and most Nintendo games that have come out to the Wii U has been the same story. Friend: hey, cool can we play game X? Me: nope, it doesn't have online. And it's getting really annoying. Playing online with me was one of the reasons they bought a Wii U, and it turns out the only game we can play online is Sonic Racing, and one of them didn't really like it (too hardcore for him!), so we rarely play it. A few minutes ago we were even considering getting Pokemon Rumble U just so we'd have something to play, until I checked and found out it also doesn't have online. He said "crap, the Wii U doesn't have anything online, this sucks", which is what motivated me to write this post. No online just cost Nintendo 2 sales of Pokemon, and while I'll get Wonderful 101 and Pikmin eventually, me and my friends would have already bought them if there was online. I wonder just how many potential customers Nintendo is needlessly losing with their ridiculous online stance.

He's right, this sucks. Yes, the Wii U has Monster Hunter, Black Ops and several other online games, games I've played quite a lot, but  the ones I could play online with my friends, we can't. Not a single one besides Sonic. We'd love to play Mario U, Luigi U, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Game & Wario, Rayman Legends (though this one is thanks to Ubisoft), even Nintendo Land has some criminally underrated minigames. Perhaps most egregious, we also won't be able to play Mario 3D World.

Perhaps just as annoying as the lack of online in all those games is the ludicrous explanation: the game was designed to be played with people in the same room. That's the reason Nintendo gives every time, and it's ludicrous. When did it become one or the other? Why can't we play with people in the same room AND online? Would it be be more fun with real people in the same room? Always. Would it still be fun online? Absolutely.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. People like me, who spend time in several different countries and have friends in several of them, are increasingly common. Not that I'm suggesting that's a demographic companies should focus on, it's just an example. Online play comes in handy for everybody: people whose gamer friends have different schedules, with family who don't like the same games, you name it. The notion that a game isn't fun online because it was meant to be played locally is... I don't even.

Seriously Nintendo, just stop. Think about it: you're pissing ME off, ME, a long time fan who isn't all that into online games. Now imagine the consequences of this ridiculous attitude with the legions of online-centric gamers. This is going too far. Just stop. Please. Really. Seriously.

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