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I am a Brazilian student in Norway. I also happen to really, really like games! I'm a huge RPG fan, especially JRPGs and party-based WRPGs, but I also enjoy nearly every genre, from Mario Kart to Limbo to Bulletstorm.


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I just finished playing F.E.A.R 3 (note to developers: we speak Portuguese in Brazil, thank you very much!), and I was reminded once again of a gaming "evolution" I'm not particularly fond of, at least in single player games: regenerating health.

The first time I remember playing a game with this new evolution was Crysis, way back in 2007 (or 56 BC in video game years). The game was fantastic, but I remember thinking the regenerating health thing made it way too easy. I simply charged like Rambo, killed a few baddies, ducked somewhere for a few seconds, rinse and repeat. Sometimes I would try to approach enemies tactically just for variety, but not once did I feel like it was necessary. Quite the opposite, the game made it feel like a waste of time.

I imagine regenerating health replaced medpacks for the sake of streamlining, and in theory having a bunch of medpacks in the inventory or waiting to regenerate isn't very different, but in practice it is, at least for me. Not knowing when I'm going to find the next medpack automatically makes me have more respect for the enemies and approach situations more cautiously. Even if the game is very generous with its medpacks, I still can't afford to ignore cover and almost die every 5 seconds.

Unfortunately for me, I've never heard anyone talk about this even in passing, so I'm probably (almost) alone in my distaste for regenerating health. What do you guys think?

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