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I am a Brazilian student in Norway. I also happen to really, really like games! I'm a huge RPG fan, especially JRPGs and party-based WRPGs, but I also enjoy nearly every genre, from Mario Kart to Limbo to Bulletstorm.


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A couple days ago, I commented in a CNN post about the Snowden, Ecuador and United States saga.  It seems the U.S threatened Ecuador with withholding a trade agreement if they harbored Snowden, an agreement Ecuador wasn't expecting to get anyways, effectively handing Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa, known for his anti-Americanism and penchant for authoritarianism and irresponsible populism, a platform to score easy political points at home and all but giving him an excuse to grant Snowden Asylum. I pointed out that was a stupid move, and that was all it took for some commenters to respond that "I hate Americans".

Yesterday, news broke out that a Precursor Games employee was charged with possession of child pornography. Tony Ponce, who posted the article, and several commenters were jubilant that "a sick man was going to rot". Other commenters and I merely reminded people that it's all too easy for someone hellbent on destroying you to plant such things on your computer, and we should not be so eager to irreversibly destroy a man's life without making damn sure he is guilty first. Apparently, that makes us supporters of pedophilia. As one commenter colorfully put it, anyone "defending pedophiles should let me fuck their ass without lube. Disgusting" (I don't quite remember the exact words, but it was something to that effect).

I don't have a problem with Hitman Absolution's sexy nuns trailer, I don't have a problem with Dragon's Crown art style, and I don't have a problem with depictions of female sexuality in games. It obviously follows that I hate women and support violence against them.

Back to the Allistair Pinsof/Chloe mess... don't worry, it will be brief. I don't believe being depressed and transgender gives anyone a license to scam, I think it's unfortunate that so many in the trans community actually defended her scam (rationalizing that she really was going to die, she just lied about the cause) and descended upon Allistair like a pack of rabid dogs. It doesn't matter how I actually treat transgenders, that's proof positive I hate them.

I don't believe rape is off limits in games. I don't believe gay and rape jokes should be outlawed. I don't believe rape deserves special status among any other of the depressingly large number of horrible tragedies. Like the vilified Mike Krahulik said, nobody minds "offensive" jokes until it offends them personally. I don't have a problem with Penny Arcade's Why So Serious panel. I'm sure rape victims don't find rape jokes funny and may be hurt by them. Just as I'm sure Parkinson's sufferers aren't thrilled to see a disease that costs them so much being used for cheap comedy. I'm sure family members of slain police officers may feel hurt when they see people having fun killing police officers in a videogame. I'm sure gay people who deal with discrimination their entire life don't like gay jokes, I'm sure devout Muslims in Yemen are offended by western caricatures of the prophet Mohammad (somehow I suspect this last example will get a lot less sympathy than the others). I'm also sure many rape victims have laughed at gay jokes, just as many gays snarkily dismiss the latest Muslim outrage. And on and on and on it goes. None of which gives anyone the right to decide for the rest of the world what is and isn't allowed in their media. Clearly, that means I hate gays and support rape culture.

People... if this is the best we can do, I guarantee you, 20 years from now we'll still be exactly where we are now, taking pointless potshots at one another from our manicheistic trenches, and nothing will have changed.

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