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Very quick post just to vent a little about the pointless DRM checks in Arkham City. I recently started
playing it on Steam, which is also designed as DRM. So there we have DRM check 1. After launching the game for the first time, we need to type the serial number to authenticate it with SecuRom. DRM check number 2.

Now comes the best part. After all that, we still can't play the game, no sir. There's Games for Windows Live, DRM check number 3! Guess what? We need to type the freaking code AGAIN to authenticate it AGAIN, this time with GFWL. And of course, nothing is ever simple with GFWL. The way it works, at least for me, is you type the user name, type the password, click ok, type the serial number, and only then GFWL attempts to log in. If it doesn't work you have to retype the serial number. And for some reason I just couldn't log in. I double checked everything and tried over and over again. Which meant I had to type the serial number over and over again.

Strangely, I could log in to GFWL through a web browser but not through the game. I reset the password and still nothing. So before giving up I decide to try clicking on "log in with a different account", typing the same username and same password, and it magically worked! Finally! Go figure.

So at last I could play the game. So much hassle, and for what? To prevent these people from pirating the game, playing it hassle-free and having a a much better experience than a paying customer like me? Well, it's working like a charm. Except of course for the "prevent" part. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to join them after all this bullshit.

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