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TF Tuesdays - Broken PCs Edition

As I sit right now on hold with Asus regarding my warranty I still picked out four maps for tonight whilst I sit on hold. Thankfully they should be able to give me the exact same card I had as a replacement, just going to b...


FNF - TF2 - UT Gold

Since Deathkiller finally released a final version of a facing worlds port I've put that up on the server for tonight. In addition to this I'll also be putting up a version one of arena_starship (link to follow later). See ...


TF Tuesdays - Map Pack 5

Not a whole ton to say about this week, except the maps that I've put up for it. One arena map, one payload map, and two control point maps, all of which look at least competent. arena_mach - conversion of ctf_mach4, but ...


FNF - TF2 - Free Weekend

If you have PC capable of TF2 but not played TF2 yet, this is your weekend. Free-play lasts from today through Sunday. Just one new map for tonight, Geoff worked on a push style CTF map so we'll give it a whirl. In addition...


TF Tuesdays - Valve Time

Not sure if the heavy update will be coming today (they'll probably release the last unlock and push the patch later this week), but if it does, both #1 and #2 are set up to limit the number of heavies, if Ain is around whe...


TF Tuesdays - The Hunted

Ill be putting the hunted plugin on the server for the hunted map tonight. Im not sure how exactly its going to work since in the old version when the hunted got to the escape point it was game over. Also don't know if it h...


FNF - TF2 - End of Custom Rotation

Ill be changing the rotation back tomorrow unless people want it to stay this way. I think a lot of maps that otherwise didn't get a lot of face time got some runs in, rather than the same old crap of playing Dbowl/GRush/Db...


TF Tuesdays - Custom TC Edition

I may or may not have a playtest of starship ready, but it would come after everything else, I won't tell anyone, so you'll have to stick around tonight to find out. Four new maps in addition to one update. tc_spectre - Fi...


FNF - TF2 - Custom Rotation

For just this week only I'd like to test an all custom-map rotation and see how it works out. Now that the backburner is back into balance hopefully we'll start seeing some of the people that got burnt out on all the pyros ...


TF Tuesdays - Domination Playstyle

I will not be around tonight, gonna take some time off, ScottyG will be running things. Ask him to switch it up between the customs or any other admin.Vilepickle never got back to me so I don't think he'll be coming out to ...


FNF - TF2 - tgif

Not much special to note for tonight, just one map by the same guy that did cp_mof_a4, but a CTF map, and we can always use more good CTF maps. I wont be putting any more customs on #2, clears out for the most part everyone...


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I'm also on my 3rd custom built PC specs as follows....
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Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe w/Wireless
2gigs of DDR2 - 800
Geforce 7950 GX2 1gig DDR3
600 gig RAID 0 Array
2x120g EIDE HDD
150g External Drive (makes nearly 1000gigs total)

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