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CaffeinePowered avatar 11:58 AM on 12.21.2007  (server time)
TF2 - Community Slots - Post Your ID!

I'm pleased to announce that I have finished the reserved slots plugin for the server. I have a version that works and one thats much more efficient (processor use wise) that will be tested during FNF tonight.

The plugin works in this way, it will keep one slot in the server open at all times, when you connect it will check your steam ID against a list to authenticated you. When the server fills, if you are authenticated when you connect, it will kick the person with the least connected time who is not authenticated, and if you are not authenticated it will simply boot you, ensuring that there is always a slot open for people to connect into.

If you would like to have your steam ID put on the list, you MUST reply to this post, I will not accept an ID over steam, email, AIM, ect. Why do I do this? Replying to this post proves that...

A) You Read Destructoid


B) You have an account here and are apart of the community

That I why I request that you post your SteamID here and here only.

To get your SteamID you need to connect to a public server, and then type status in console. Your SteamID will look like the following - STEAM_0_0:12345. Your Steam Account login or Steam Community name is absolutely useless to me.

Thanks for all the support, see you all in the server :)


In order to use your reserved slot you MUST connect manually

1) Start TF2
2) Open the Console
3) type connect

You can copy the IP directly via the server browser if you have it in your favorites, you need not memorize it or write it down somewhere.

Also, your reserved slot is a privilege, not a right, it can and will be revoked if you violate the server rules, which are as follows...

* No Mic Spam - defined as annoying looping sounds, loud bad music, or continuing after asked to stop
* No asshattery or drama causing
* Porn and generic cursing are A-OK
* Homophobic/Racist/Hate sprays or language is not tolerated
* Reserved slots are a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked for excessive warnings/kicks
* Status as dtoid or non-dtoid does not matter, any violators can and will be kicked/banned

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