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CaffeinePowered avatar 10:47 AM on 07.29.2008  (server time)
TF Tuesdays - Domination Playstyle

I will not be around tonight, gonna take some time off, ScottyG will be running things. Ask him to switch it up between the customs or any other admin.Vilepickle never got back to me so I don't think he'll be coming out to the playtest of canal_zone

dom_canal_zone_b2 - port from QWTF, it has a completely different game type than any other map, the team that gains the most 'points' in a round wins. Points are accumulated over time by holding the control points on the map.

cp_spyhard (rc1) - Four stage attack/defend map, looks like it could be a lot of fun. There are a few known bugs and a few missing details here and there, but I think its worth a whirl.

ctf_excavation_beta - something that I've overlooked several times, looks like a great CTF map

pl_dustbowl_b4 - updated version of pl_dustbowl_b3, maybe it will play better than heights and b3

--Usual Copy Pasta--

Map Pack 4

Again, if you would like to get placed on the reserved slot list for dtoid readers, please POST YOUR STEAMID HERE. Your reserved slot is a privilege, not a right, and asshattery will get it revoked.

Time: 8pm Central
Server: #1 [FastDL|Customs|HLStatsX|Voting]
Password: littlecart

Spill-Over Server:
Server: #2 Goldrush/Dustbowl
Password: N/A

Server: #3 European Server [HLStatsX|Voting]
Password: N/A

Spillover Instructions:

1) Join the overflow server

2) Open the server browser menu, double click on server #1 and click 'auto-retry' and then click 'join as soon as a slot is available'.

3) Hit Esc to close the menus, this will allow you to continue to play TF2 while you wait for a slot to open.

**Your reserve slot will work on all three servers**

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