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CaffeineFree avatar 12:20 AM on 10.24.2013  (server time)
Hello, this is a Greeting.

Just wanted to introduce myself DToid.  I'm Wayne Strickland, I've been writing for several years now and you can find me at the links below, but I wanted to specifically say hi and address you guys before I drop my first post.

Background - I've been writing on the internet for about four years.  First I started on and moved onto and have been active there for about a year now.  I left GameInformer because I felt that I was never getting noticed, even by my friends on the site, and as I got less and less recognition the motivation to write died off.  

After listening to a slew of podcasts I got the idea that IGN was very community friendly and was a proving ground for decent content creators that want to get noticed by the people that get paid to do the stuff "we" do for fun.  And don't get me wrong, in some cases it was, and definitely better than GameInformer, but still I felt it was a one sided coin that relied more on the community for views rather than an exchange of ideas and fun.  Unlike my tenure at GameInformer I share no ill will toward IGN or anyone from MyIGN, there are some awesome people that really want to go somewhere in life and I say more power to 'em.  

While I was working on my IGN blog and getting some stuff together to do YouTube videos, a friend of mine pushed some of my work along the grapevine and I was asked to contribute on a site called CultureMass.  It's a really young site and you should really check it out.  Most (if not all) of the work there is pro bono publico, so comment and share so me and the other guys and gals feel some love.  Anyways, I originally was brought on to help with the games section, but since there wasn't really much to cover, editorialize, or wax poetic about, I moved onto the (pardon, heartburn... oh God. Sweet Baby Geezus is Taco Bell bad on you at 12:47AM) Comics and Novels section of the site where I'm focused on Invincible by Robert Kirkman and anything else that suites my fancy.

I'm still writing at CM and IGN, but since none of that stuff pays the bills I've taken a break from the internet and my fledgling career of making content to get a day job.  While Taco Bell hasn't called back, and my glorious future of sifting the fries at Wendy's hasn't reared it's ugly cthulhu head, I still need some shiznit to do.  So in the meantime of going to and hoping that place at the mall takes wrinkled apps, I'm going to do what I know how and post some sh** on the internet.


TL;DR Sup.


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