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Caelas Powdery Cheese Shadowfoot
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Exclusives have me SOLD on a Ps3.

Ok, while the Ps3 is still 400$, their new line up has ASTOUNDED me. God of war 2 looks fantastic, Agent is being developed by Rockstar and is about Cold War Spies (AWESOME). Along with the other fantastic titles that have been announced, Sony has finally given me a reason to purchase a Ps3. Anyone else have a similar response?


About Caelas Powdery Cheese Shadowfootone of us since 12:58 AM on 05.28.2009

I am a 360/Pc gamer, and I play Shooters, Rts's, Action Rpg's, and the occasional sport or racing game. Despite these narrow tastes, I'm willing to try any sort of game, as long as I can enjoy it or appreciate it. And the Ps3 is a great console as well, I just can't afford it.

Top 15 Games: (In no particular order)

Fallout 2
Fallout 3
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
Company of Heroes
Medieval II: Total War
Call of Duty 4
Black and White 2
Age of Empires 2
Dawn of War
Dawn of War 2
Assassin's Creed
Shadow of the Colossus
Jedi Knight Academy

I'm an avid writer and reader, and I aspire to work for the (British) Government one day, and perhaps knock some sense into the twats. Please comment on my posts, I enjoy writing truthful, recognizable, dry humor laden material.

My proper Pc Specs: (They're well proper 'n that)

Gateway FX 6800-1
Radeon 4850, 512mb
Intel Core i7 920 2.8 Ghz
3 Gigs of DDR3 RAM (god knows what brand)
Windows Vista Home Premium (WHY WON'T FALLOUT 1's BLOOD WORK!!??)
LG 22" Widescreen Monitor

That's all the interesting stuff, please add me as a friend on Steam, I'm Caelas. Oh, and Twitter if you like.

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