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CRaZyTooTHJiM avatar 5:37 PM on 12.10.2007  (server time)
Why I love Gradius (a love story through the ages)

Ok so this is my debut into blogging seriously. Enjoy

When i was Eight years old I received as a Christmas present, a most wonderful Christmas present... a SNES + some games. Of those games, Gradius 3 was the only video game my mommy gave me that had a gun. Now that I'm 19 I've played plenty of Shooters in all sorts of varieties. Yet Gradius was the first, and I love it because of it.
More Reasons exist though, it's the simplest of control forward, backward, up, and down move you, A shoots, B activated the current powerup. Even with the simplistic control and gameplay, all you really had to know was shoot everything, there were instances where i would and still almost crap my pants in excitement. Such as that one crazy plant boss that tries to suck up your comparatively tiny spaceship to it's doom and you drop some missiles on 'em and stops for like a second and have to keep it up unless you've got an E laser and all the little orange balls that shoot with you. I love the E laser hold A to charge then release a giant blue ball of death upon your enemy.
There is so mush old school greatness to the game. Today you can buy it on the Wii's virtual console, or so I've heard, and it comes on a Gradius compilation disc for PS2. Play it now.

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