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My gut instinct would be to not order from ThinkGeek. Back in April, a warehouse of Dreamcasts were found, and sold through ThinkGeek for $99 bucks a pop. Being a dead console, it was a little to pricey for me. Either way, I thought it was neat that there were new dreamcasts still floating around 10 years after launch. Anyhow, long story made short, reports started flying around that some of those new Dreamcasts were very old and used. It made me glad I didn't buy one.

Fast forward in time 8 months.

I happened to be perusing some forums, and ran across a link that offered NEW Dreamcasts for $14.99 + Shipping. I had to bite. The link brought me to a description of a new console. Either a white or black console with AV Cables, a power cable, a demo disc, and a controller. I bought one. The deal couldn't be beat, or so I thought. I couldn't wait for my new Dreamcast to arrive, to get myself a nice game of Shenmue in, which I haven't played in years!

I got a call from my wife yesterday, saying that the dreamcast arrived. I was thrilled to get some play-time in. I got home and asked her where the dreamcast was, she handed me a box that was about 6 inches long by wide. Instantly my heart sunk. I opened it up, and inside was... A Brand new Dreamcast... Controller. Obviously feeling like an idiot, I check my order history on ThinkGeek, It says I ordered an Original Dreamcast Console. That makes me feel a little better, knowing I didn't mis-read what the product description was.

So I called customer service, and the ThinkGeek representative says, "Yeah, that was a mistake on our part. $14.99 is too good to be true." Actually, guy who makes $6.75 an hour, $14.99 is about what an old and dead console is worth to me.

What I really want to know, if ThinkGeek knew in advance that they made a mistake, why would they ship all of these controllers out to everybody that bought them?

I should have listened to my gut instinct.

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