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CRKFIEND avatar 7:49 AM on 12.29.2009  (server time)
Duke Nukem Forever, is it done?

So, here's the skinny. Over the Christmas weekend, a message was updated on the 3d Realms homepage ( that simply said, "It's Done." Coincidentally(?), a user by the name of Steve posted numerous unseen screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever on one of the most popular Duke Nukem Forever fanpages. (

Shortly after, The forums were visited by George Broussard (one of the two 3d Realms CEO's) who posted, "Post wasn't from me. We're looking into it. I'm guess we were hacked or else someone used my account without my knowledge. Not really sure the latter is possible. Move along, nothing to see here." Eventually the "It's done." statement was removed. George Broussard also e-mailed the webmaster over at asking that all pictures released by Steve be removed.

While it is unknown to me what the state of Duke Nukem Forever really is, I do believe that in some way, shape, or form it will be released. I will leave it up to debate from you folks, was the "It's done." post on the 3d Realms homepage some kind of viral marketing by the company, OR was it from some kind of hacker. You decide. Either way, it was a strange weekend for Duke Nukem fans...

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