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  • 5:54 PM on 11.17.2010  

    Ohmigawd, it's Pfft!! Episode 1-2, "Financial Woes"

    So I wish I could use the excuse that I had fallen into a volcano and perished instantly, taking this little series with me to the depths of what I long for to be the entrance to Fraggle Rock. Alas, that wasn't the case.

    Corduroy Turtle, my partner in crime, had this written and figured out quite a while ago but I had put it on the back burner until now. If you had missed the first strip, check it here!

    Thanks for reading!

    11:19 PM on 08.02.2010  

    Psst!!!! Introducing Pfft! Ep. 1-1 "Identity Crisis"

    Adding to the saturated world of comics, I give you Pfft!, a collaboration between Corduroy Turtle (words) and I (art). Each strip will be posted exclusively on Dtoid, so all of you awesome bloggers get first dibs to read it! Wha? I think that's pretty keen.

    Crits, comments and thoughts appreciated.


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