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My name is Jason Wray. I've been gaming ever since I was a tiny child....being an adult with kids now, I am able to see just how far the industry has come. I am currently in the process of making a new metroid-vania type game using the Unreal Engine. Im pretty bad ass and if you disagree...well then you are just dumb.

My psn tag is: Jakyl138
My Xbl tag is: CO Jakyl
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CO Jakyl
12:31 PM on 09.15.2011


I am a 30 year old child for this game. I have been hyping myself up for this thing since before the beta launched. Now that it has come and gone I cant get enough.
Speaking of the beta, I got a new shiny 250 gig badboy to replace my crappy white original model...well all my beta shit was located on that old shitwagon and when I transfered my contents over to the new xbox...well the beta info would NOT transfer....and now I no longer have that xbox. I unlocked EVERYTHING that was unlockable in the beta... :( damn it.

Oh well...once I unlock Civ. Cole...then Im good...I mean, the dude is rockin a fedora...get the fuck out of my face thats bad ass.

See you noobs in the servers....

CO Jakyl
2:41 PM on 04.06.2010

Ok, so progress is coming along at a snails pace....things would be alot easier if just ANYONE would get what Im trying to do with the models.

What Im doing to the models is making them flat...and instead of textures I am putting sprites over the top of them. That way I get the feel of the old school games that I like AND am able to make it beautiful and still high quality. When I get one finished I will post it up so you can see what I am talking about...

...till then


CO Jakyl
2:26 PM on 03.25.2010

So I am in the process of creating a new "metroid-vania" type of game using Ued3. Its coming along albeit at a slow pace. Its a lot harder to make these things without anyone else's help. Im trying out a few different techniques as far as modeling and animation is concerned. I am creating the models flat and adding the textures via Sprites....I feel this way I can create HD characters without having to do a ton of modeling.

I will mainly be using this blog as a way of keeping the masses informed. Stay tuned!