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CO Jakyl's blog

4:13 PM on 12.25.2015

Update time :)

First and foremost, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.  Second, December is almost over and I am in a pair of shorts with the screen door, now to the goodness. Team Riva has had to do a little restructuring a ...   read

10:14 PM on 10.02.2015

cant nobody break my stride...

...cant nobody hold me down...oh no...i got to keep on moving.I purchased the Dino rig off my buddy for a paltry $50 (its old but I got a hook up for Riva's sake).I have reinstalled GameMaker Studio:PRO, my spriting programs ...   read

6:19 AM on 09.18.2015

resolution...sort of

Earlier today I was told that the GUYS that broke into my house have been caught. They had the Ipad jerk offs ID and it took them to one of their houses. Inside the house they found a few other people a bunch of stolen proper...   read

7:36 AM on 09.09.2015

Life update....

When it rains it pours my friends... Yesterday, I got a call from the police. The jerk ass jerk who broke into my home tried to pawn off my Ipad. When the serial came up as stolen they grabbed it off the counter and smashed i...   read

7:09 AM on 09.04.2015

I'm not dead....just not alive...

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that developement on "The Tales of Riva" is put on hold......for just a little while. Last week my home was broken into and I was robbed of damn near everything. My PC, my monitors,...   read

6:44 AM on 07.20.2015

son of a bitch....

For the last few days, we have been trying to get the feel down for Finn and the overall "game-feel". We are getting there...slowly but surely we are getting there. Today's blog is about what a pain in the ass it is to get th...   read

5:47 AM on 07.17.2015


So, in the never ending search of things to make Riva "POP", I came across a nice little program called Sprite Illuminator. I won't go into detail about this sweet ass program, but know that it has the potential to make your ...   read

5:36 AM on 07.09.2015

Tiny glare at a WIP....

I finally got around to messing with the HUD. Before I show you what I have please keep a few things in mind.... 1) The music in the background is NOT mine. It will not be in the just happened to be on when I turned...   read

4:13 AM on 07.08.2015

Baaaaack in the saddle agaaain...

I was feeling really itchy and had to get back into some asset making for Riva. I have been working on a few things like arches and fancy looking shit and what not lately and it struck me...I haven't even given it any time in...   read

4:28 AM on 07.02.2015

small status update...

I just wanted to let you all know that development on The Tales of Riva has been suspended since 6-21 till about sometime in the middle of July. This does NOT mean that the game is in development hell or that it's silently be...   read

2:52 PM on 06.16.2015

A little peek...

After the feedback I recieved from both the last post and through PM, I wanted to put this out there. The Tales of Riva is an ever evolving monster. The sprite work is ALWAYS being updated until I find that retro sweet s...   read

2:15 AM on 06.12.2015

Realising my dream...

I have been coming to this site for quite some time now and I have decided that it was about time that I started to give back a little. That being said, I felt that this was the best site, for me, to use as my official ...   read

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