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CLP's blog

1:07 AM on 06.01.2010

Jobs that should be made awesome in videogames.

I was recently reading an article about how certain jobs have been made to look awesome in video games. Jobs that would suck in the real world such as a plumber. This made me think of certain jobs that would be awesome to see...   read

6:07 PM on 05.28.2010

A Game Noone I Know Played

I was at the mall when i decided to stop into a gamestop to pick up a game to fill my time for a couple days. I looked up and down the shelves for a worthwile game for the cheap ( my girlfriends birthday burned a hole in my w...   read

10:52 PM on 03.14.2010

What's all the commotion?

Can someone explain to me the trouble with FFXlll. I here so much crap about this game, mostly about how the x box ruined it so i got curious. Ill take the my x box 360 over the PS3 anyday (except march 16) so i was wondering if its a bunch of fanboys crying about FFXlll not being an exclusive or if there is some legitiment arguments to this. Can someone help me understand?   read

1:53 AM on 01.01.2010

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all our mistakes ( including those involving gaming ) will dissapear this next year. Now im going to go play wii sports and Borderlands till 5 in the morning.   read

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