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1:07 AM on 06.01.2010

Jobs that should be made awesome in videogames.

I was recently reading an article about how certain jobs have been made to look awesome in video games. Jobs that would suck in the real world such as a plumber. This made me think of certain jobs that would be awesome to see in video games. Jobs that are boring in the real world can be amazing in our video game worlds.


An electrician would make a great protaganist. Think of it, after a freak accident working on a down electrical wire, you gain super electrical powers that you use to take down a drug cartel that has recently taken your family hostage. Ya random but all kinds of awesome. Think InFamous but...ummm...ya just think InFamous.

Semi-Truck Driver
In my opinion one of the worst jobs in the world. Driving hours on end with very little sleep always away from home. Horrible i no. But turn it into a Driver type game and now your talking. Ramming cars off the road, narrowly getting around sharp turns, or driving ten miles under the speed limit on the freeway. Hey, you could even put an oil tank on the back and have one hell of an explosion mini-game. I mean Semi Drivers keep America running so i dont think they would have that much trouble keeping gamers glued to their TV sets.

Team Mascot
As a college or proffesional sports team mascot, you spend hours on end cheering in front of a large crowd in a very uncomfortable full body suit. Your usually one of the first people out on the field and one of the first people spit on. But a mascot is always cool when he is trading blows with another mascot. Throw that concept to the team behind Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat and that would be a game with many hours of enjoyment and online tournaments.

Airport Security Scanner
This could be a very intense game. Scanning every bag making sure nothing bad gets through. Many lives depend on your judgement. It keeps you on your feet ever vigilante and forces you to make the tough decisions. A prominent political figure has women’s bondage clothing adorned with sharp metal studs in his carry-on luggage. Do you just let this one slide or…?

Rodeo Clown
This game could test your quickness and speed. Having to dodge many furious bulls to save the poor cowboys life whose limping with his newly broken leg. You know what, rodeo clowns are badass. There should like thousands of games featuring rodeo clowns in them.

Border Patrol
I am of Mexican descent and live in Arizona so this is a job that is talked about alot ( more along the lines of argued about ) so it is an interesting idea. It can be played different ways in a RPG like game. Having certain things to level up on like night vision equipment and better tech for catching immigrants. Of course you could play the game in many different ways like shooting every immigrant on sight and cutting open jugs full of water so they cannot get hydrated and continue their journey ( the racist/douchebag way) or track the immigrants and bring them in unharmed well putting out jugs of water so they can stay alive long enough for you to pick them up ( the way things should be done.)

I will continue my search on professions that would be great to be put in a game and become totally badass. I also hope my bias on the way things on the border should be done did not ruin the article for you. But if your racist, then.......i hate you.   read

6:07 PM on 05.28.2010

A Game Noone I Know Played

I was at the mall when i decided to stop into a gamestop to pick up a game to fill my time for a couple days. I looked up and down the shelves for a worthwile game for the cheap ( my girlfriends birthday burned a hole in my wallet). I checked out a couple games untill one game caught my eye. A little game called Ninja Blade.

I first heard of Ninja Blade while watching X-Play on G4. They said it was a lot like a God of War clone on the 360 so immediately i was eager to try this game. I picked it up for $25 dollars which was a really good deal. But my good luck ran out when i got home to find the sound went out on the X box. I was saddened but decided to play anyway. IT WAS AWESOME. I played four hours strait with my I pod blaring. Well i have not played since then and I am wondering if i was just suffering from built up hype.
So I wrote this in the hopes someone on here has played Ninja Blade and can tell me if i should play through the rest of it or wait till my sound is fixed or just put it down and never play it again. I'm open to reviews right now.   read

10:52 PM on 03.14.2010

What's all the commotion?

Can someone explain to me the trouble with FFXlll. I here so much crap about this game, mostly about how the x box ruined it so i got curious. Ill take the my x box 360 over the PS3 anyday (except march 16) so i was wondering if its a bunch of fanboys crying about FFXlll not being an exclusive or if there is some legitiment arguments to this. Can someone help me understand?   read

1:53 AM on 01.01.2010

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all our mistakes ( including those involving gaming ) will dissapear this next year. Now im going to go play wii sports and Borderlands till 5 in the morning.   read

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