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Random Filler: 20 Random Questions!

Well folks I've put the whole 'CCG Rant' on hold for the moment. It'll be a few days until the next part as I wish to research my subject in depth. This will work out with me using facts to supplement my opinion so I'm not ...


About CCGames Mikeone of us since 8:36 AM on 09.02.2007

Well I guess the first thing to get out of the way is that I am a game store employee. Luckiy my soul is saved from the evil of places like Gamestop and EB. Instead I work at C&C Games in Fremont, Ohio, a little slice of heaven in the hell of a podunk/retard town of asshats and wiggers.

Other than that I'm your average gamer nerd, my hobby luckily turning into something I can use at work. Even if my expertise seems to be playing the games my bosses can't stand, like RPGS and crazy ass 'unique' titles >.>;. Can't complan though, since working here has given me some more self-confidence and access to my bosses' vast experience in the gaming industry.

Plus I can get sweet swag, like my bitchin' Fable store display (which makes a nice night-stand XD) or the various posters that I eventually have to throw out because of my damn pets =P.

Besides that I can't think of anything else to put here, save for the fact that I love video game music. From the works of Mitsuda and Sakimoto, or even all the way back to Uetmatsu's early days with Final Fantasy, I have quite a large collection that I tend to listen to when either doing a few bits of writing or working =D.

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