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The world lost their collective minds on Thursday when the new Star Wars trailer was released. I didn't watch it, and I'm not going to either. I don't care about Star Wars because I'm not a nerd.


But most of you know that I work at a GameStop, and as I was working on Thursday night, I was told that we had a shipment coming in the following morning that was super secret and we weren't allowed to open until 2pm on Friday. We all knew it had to be Star Wars related. My coworkers speculated it was a new Battlefront, to which I thought "Hasn't that already been announced? That's not much of a secret."

So Friday morning rolls around and I'm back at work, listening in on a conference call. Our DM emphatically tells us that we are, under no circumstances, to even open the super secret boxes until 2pm. Even after a conference call that was all about "Hey guys, we don't know what the big secret it but it more than likely has something to do with Star Wars, so go ahead and make a Star Wars display in the stores," they still told us not to open these boxes. I started to wonder if there was some other huge secret.

2pm finally comes and...it's just Star Wars Battlefront. Yay? Actually, I'm more excited for Battlefront than I am the movie, because I've always like the Battlefront games, and I wouldn't mind playing another one.

But you know what movie I am pumped for? Terminator Genisys. Full disclosure, Terminator 2 is my all-time favorite movie, and I'm firmly of the belief that the series can do no wrong. I even enjoyed Terminator 3 and Salvation, though I consider T2 to be the official end of the canon.

Personally, I think Terminator Genisys is the dumbest name they possibly could have chosen, I HATE when words are purposefully misspelled, even if it's supposed to be a pun. But I saw that new trailer, and I must say that I'm on board. I will pay to go see that movie in theatres. Even if it sucks, it's still Terminator. DUNDUN--DUN--DUNDUN.

I finished Axiom Verge, and my GOTY 2015 is that game's title to lose. It stands firmly above everything else I've played, but then again, Phantom Pain and Yoshi's Woolly World are yet to come, along with several other Triple A games.

I finished with 94% map completion and about 75% of the items found. I would like to go back and find everything, but with Shovel Knight releasing on the PS4 this week, as well as some other goodies I picked up recently (which you can find in the next Flea Market Game Finds video), it may have to wait a while.

Now let's move on to the Topsauce!

M - Riobux contribution to the Cblogs this week is a Bloodborne Band of Bloggers bonanza. Alliteration is cool.

A - 10 Things and an AMA from that giant-donged Mr. Andy Dixon.

F - Boomers, Smokers, and Witches on the EU Friday Night Fights.

F - Fields, Blood, and Deserts on the PS Friday Night Fights.


$ - Want a physical copy of DMC4: Special Edition? Flanx has your hookup.

R - Viva la Boku No Pico and other weird things that Chist talks about.

$ - Yo, Divinity and a bunch of other solid titles are on sale on GoG, you can thank AvtrSpirit for letting you in on the secret.

P - Jamie Dickerson uses a lot of Star Wars words that I don't understand to analyze the recent Battlefront reveal trailer.

T - The Dark Mod makes a bad game (Thief) way better, and SuphaGamuh thinks you should give it a shot.

M - ScreamAid supplies us with some delightful Yoshi's Story tunes.

Don't feel bad about the no Topsauce Friday, because there aren't any fails either. The world has a fun way of evening itself out.

Stay excellent.



Photo Photo Photo

Are you ready for some more Real Life talk from your favorite Thursday Recapper? Well I hope so, because I've got things to tell. Things I'm still not sure how to feel about, to be honest.

I'm sure you all remember the Shadeisms I posted three weeks ago. I talked about how I know this girl who is so far out of my league that I may as well be standing at the entrance of Victory Road without a Pokémon that knows Strength. But I also talked about how despite her being totally dateable, she showed up in my list of matches on a dating site. So not only is she single after all, she's looking for a good time and randomly turned up at the one site I also happen to be on.
Finally, I talked about how I couldn't possibly let an opportunity like this slide. I had to ask her out now, or I would never forgive myself.

As promised, last Monday I took that shot.

I didn't exactly get a yes. I didn't exactly get a no either. I got a "maybe".

That...was the one thing I didn't plan for.
I mean, Avtrspirit said last time that "After it all goes down, we will be here waiting to celebrate, or commiserate, with you.", but I'm not sure which one applies.

But first thing's first, how did it go down?
Well. The approach I took was pretty simple; we already had a meet-up planned for reasons related to our shared project, so that was the opportunity I grasped. Before we started work I told her about the freak coincidence that led me to find her on the site. I told her the same thing I said here, that we shouldn't let something like this slide, and then I asked whether she'd like to go out with me and give it a shot.

She seemed more interested than I expected her to be. I fully expected her to give me the standard spiel I've heard already so many times. The "You're a great guy and I'm sure there are tons of girls out there who'd love to date you, but I just don't think of you that way" one. But she didn't say that. Instead she said that it sounded like fun, but she had already started dating this other guy by now. She found him online too, and they kinda like eachother, although since it's still in the early stages she's not sure yet whether it will actually work out.
I guess that's what I get for waiting two weeks, although from the sound of it this guy was already in the picture before I ever found her on my site. Besides, contacting her right after I found her would've been a one-way ticket to Creepy Stalker Town. Waiting was probably still the right thing to do.

The good news is that she did take my number when I offered it, and she said that if it doesn't work out with this guy, she'll call me. So yeah, that's a solid "maybe" right there.

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about all this. On the one hand, I'm proud of myself for having asked her. That was far harder to do than you realize, for a whole lot of reasons. I'm also psyched to find out that I have a shot with her. That was completely unexpected to me; I was braced for the spiel, especially since I don't meet her listed 'criteria'. It turns out that if a girl gets to know me, I hold up pretty well.
On the other hand, I'm still stuck without a date even when the stars align in my favor. Whether or not she'll ever call remains to be seen, and in the mean time she's stuck with some guy who's very likely not nearly at good as Smash Bros. as I am so honestly what's the point? 

Ultimately, "maybe" is the best/worst/okay/maybe.

* - Do you want to know what it's like to be Don Mattrick? Maybe? Well, SpielerDad's investigative Jurnalizms shows us exactly how much a man known for being a crappy CEO earns.

* - Maybe it's not all bad, being an Arab gamer?

P - A maybe flawless Error Machine Podcast about Mortal Kombat X!

T - SeymourDuncan discovered the GTAV video editor. Maybe he has a couple of homemade vids for you, and wants to know what you can do.

C - Santo Pastor hates most Twitch offerings, and maybe wants to do better himself.

- ...maybe.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


This past week I hit high rank in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The different tiers really do act like gates of demarcation to separate different hunters. I had some friends help grind me through the key hunter rank quests but as soon as I hit the HR5 quests I was losing a third of my health off of stray monster attacks. Rather than go the rest of the way with them (of which I was kindly notified that the HR6 quests before G rank were all elder dragon hunts), I decided to go back to some other miscellaneous quests for upgrades and farming.

I want to talk about some of my favorite hunts so far but I'd really like to dedicate an actual blog to that. I could go over some of them briefly to fill out my Striderisms however.

Gypceros is a pretty common low rank monster. All it does is charge you and spit poison, so it's simple when you figure him out. At high rank though, where I'm trying to farm his hide for his high rank armor (to replace my low rank armor which has the marathon runner skill), he becomes MUCH more irritable and aggressive. I'm talking bullrushing you three, four, or even five times in a row without giving you much room for counterattack. He also begins using his flashblinder with less warning in high rank. Before he'd have to charge it up, giving you time to get away to either avoid the stun status or at least get some distance before getting stunned. Now Gypceros will flash right after some charges, but obviously not all, which makes approaching him complicated.

Speaking of Gypceros and his flash stun, I started using the lance after realizing how aggressive and in-your-face you can be with it. It's a heavy weapon to be sure, as you can roll forward and generally walk slowly while it's drawn. But it's backstep and sidesteps are really useful for compensating. So rather than slowly walking about to a monster I toppled with a barrage of lance thrusts, I just turn around and backstep up to the monster before turning around again to stab the ever loving crap out of it. Not to mention the lance teaches you basic character action game 101: canceling combos with evasive options in order to string together longer combos. Three hit lance combo, sidestep, three hit combo, sidestep, repeat until you need to use sidestep to get out of the way of a counterattack.

I also received a rare quest through Streetpass at work and praise the lord it involves a monster I needed to hunt to upgrade my Plesioth dual blades. The Basarios is basically a wyvern the size of a tank made of solid rock, which makes finding his weak point problematic. His belly is the obvious spot but if your weapon strays off, it'll make you bounce off and leave you vulnerable. The Ruby Basarios stays the course of the regular Basarios, increasing difficulty in one area but becoming easier in another. First, its primary attack is to kneel down and shake rubies off it's back to crush you, which is relatively random and leaves it incredibly open to attack, making hurting it easy. The bad news is that with a hide enhanced with rubies, you need significantly higher quality weapon in order to do even appreciable damage. At my level, most of my weapons would bounce off against even the belly, leaving his legs as his only weak point. A hard spot to hit when your weapons swing in big arcs. Luckily, I had a weapon with next level sharpness that could pierce the areas most low tier equipment couldn't.

I usually use long swords and dual blades but like I said, I've taken a liking to the lance not just for its comboability but also for it's massive shield and survivability. I want to extend the invincibility frames of my evasion with the evade+ skills, which are unfortunately out of my reach right now. Going for the lance's shield with a more attainable guard+ skill makes facing down difficult monsters more manageable as I no longer have to worry about perfect evasion and can instead just block massive attacks and stand my ground. But the interesting thing I'm looking forward to are the interesting dual blades on the weapon tree with unique dual elements. No other weapon tree harbors weapons with dual elements, so past forging newer, stronger armor, I'm looking forward to forging dual blades like the Melting Wail, with the dual powers of fire and poison. I'm already using Cleaving Jaws+ but that uses a very typical combo of water and ice. But my Verdant Slashers contain the power of an aquatic predator, holding water element and sleep properties. Until then, I'll just need to hunt.

I also have Mewtwo now. I really dig playing as asemi-new charatcer. Most of all, I dig doing teleport shenanigans again. He'll be interesting to see develop in the coming days and weeks. Until then, I haven't gotten any significant time out of him.

* - Buster Thomas and the great prank of all Kojima history

* - Videogames and the lessons learned from heavy metal

* - No Screamo metal. Just good VGM


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S - Rico gets played by Terror of the Deep

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C - Stiffen talks about a comic cover he didn't insert into the post


F - DMC: Nothing even loads because there are so many videos and gifs edition



Photo Photo Photo

Good evening, Destructoid.

Today I’m going to do a brief analysis of Mewtwo’s moveset. Keep in mind that I’m far from being a competitive player, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. Some information might be incomplete or incorrect.

Neutral B: Mewtwo charges a ball of energy, similar to Lucario’s and Samus’ neutral B moves.

Pressing B again will launch the ball towards the direction you’re facing. The more you charge the ball before launching it, the more damage it does. If you wait approximately four seconds, the ball will fully charge. A fully charged ball of energy is bigger and will travel farther, faster and it has the potential to K.O. your opponent.

If you press a direction while you’re charging the ball, Mewtwo will roll to that direction. If you press the Shield button, Mewtwo will cancel the attack.

If you launch a fully charged ball (or almost full) while you’re in the air, Mewtwo will be pushed back with significant force, so be careful not to kill yourself by using this move near the edge. This move might be useful for recovery in very specific occasions, but I’m not sure as I have not tried it.

Side B: Mewtwo does a warp attack that can reflect projectiles with the right timing.

If this attack touches the enemy, your opponent will be rendered vulnerable for a short period of time. As far as I’m aware, you can always follow up with an attack right after you use this move, if you’re quick enough. It’s possible to do this move and then forward smash, for example.

This move has some ending lag, so be sure to use it with good timing.

Down B: Mewtwo stuns your opponent for a short period, letting you follow up with another attack, just like the Side B move.

Keep in mind the opponent has to be a short distance from Mewtwo and he has to be FACING Mewtwo. If you try to use this attack behind your opponent’s back, it will not work.

The higher the percentage of your opponent, the higher the stun period. If you can land this move in an enemy with +100%, you’re almost guaranteed a kill if you use a strong enough Smash attack.

Up B: Mewtwo teleports to the direction you want, as is completely vulnerable until he touches the ground again.

The main use of this move is to recover. You can use it to recover both vertically and horizontally, if you press a horizontal direction right after Up B. You can also teleport down, meaning if you’re in the ground you will teleport to the same place.

You might be able to play mindgames by using the teleport effectively, but I’m not sure if it’s really that useful. If your opponent predicts you or you make a mistake, he will punish you. Hard.

Now for a quick description of M2’s normal attacks.

F-Tilt: Good range. Kinda slow to come out and recover from. Pushes your enemies back a little.

D-Tilt: Mewtwo’s fastest move. Good range too.

U-Tilt: At low percentages you can combo it a little.

Jab: Deals multiple hits and pushes your opponent back at the end.

Dash attack: Pushes your opponent to the air. Not enough to kill.

Neutral Air: Mewtwo shocks any enemy that meets him. Some combo capabilities.

F-Air: A quick attack that can kill your opponent at high percentages. Use it at just the right time.

B-Air: Not the fastest attack, but it has pretty good range.

D-Air: Has spike capabilities.

F-Smash: Kinda bad range, but it's relatively strong if you hit them just right.

D-Smash: Only attacks in your front and takes a moment to come out, but is stronger and launches your opponents upwards. Could be used to edge-guard.

U-Smash: Fast to come out, but very punishable.

F-Throw: Doesn’t have a lot of knockback, sends your opponents diagonally. Does 10% damage.

D-Throw: Very weak knockback even at high percentages, but gets your opponent in the air and close to you.

B-Throw: Looks cool and throws your opponent to your opposite direction.

U-Throw: Probably the best throw. Sends your opponent way up in the air. Only kills at very high percentages.

And this is the end of my brief look at Mewtwo’s moves. I’m not sure if this will be of use to anybody (and you will definitely be able to find much better written and video guides for Mewtwo soon) but I wasn’t in the mood to write a proper blog, and playing Smash Bros. with Mewtwo was pretty much everything gaming-related I did today. I had written my impression on the character and how I think he should be played, but I decided to remove it and leave it up to you to figure it out. I’m far from being the greatest Smash player after all.

Have you tried Mewtwo yet? Will you? If anyone wants to play some rounds of Smash, add me: SupahBroda. I will try to give you a challenge, though I’m severely handicapped playing against people I “know”.

That’s it for now and remember to keep your hat above your head. Ciao!

* - William Peacock investigates just how much The Witcher was influenced by real world history.

* - The day of reckoning has come. The Amiibogeddon has already driven many consumers to madness, and now the flood of plastic instruments will destroy retailers, making the global economy collapse and plunging the world into chaos.

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W - Did you write a “Egg for an Egg” blog? Check the results of the contest!

Forward Throw

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R - Nanananananashi  reviews Axiom Verge. Also, check out his podcast!

V - Rico the Penguin plays X-com: Terror From the Deep for the first time.

V - While this is mostly a video blog, johnmasterlee still takes the time to make some interesting points about game development.

V - Johnny Burnes however…

Down Smash

F - Another 'actual' blog written to get clicks for their site.

- Script


Fast caps for this Monday!

Some things can be more fun when done with a friend. Watching anime because you found out that said friend has been doing that with someone else and not with you is one of those things.

Dance in the middle of traffic!

One of the longest holdovers from my Japan trip last November, I finally got to watch and finish (the first season) of Love Live! School Idol Project together with a forum friend. My desire to watch this stems from a very simple and shallow reason. Love Live! was the one thing I simply could not get away from while I was there. It was pretty clear that it enjoyed such a massive popularity it was basically everywhere, more so in the nerdier parts of their society, naturally.

Not since The iDOLM@STER have we seen a multimedia empire of this type that spans multiple shows, albums, comics, books, toys, games and probably adult content if you know where to look. In a given arcade, for example, majority of an entire floor is dedicated to crane games featuring figures and merchandise of just one character. They probably rotate between the 9 girls every other day. Even included is a dedication wall, where you can post notes proclaiming your perverse sexual lust heartfelt appreciation for the girl of the day.

These figures to be exact, purple one on the far right was what I saw.

I'm not really a fan of idol singers and the usual type of music they produce, and Love Live! has done nothing to change my mind about that. But it was certainly uplifting and nice to look at despite some sometimes dodgy or less detailed 3D animations in between the 2D scenes. I do like how most of the performances are used like a montage where we still see plot or character developments happen during the song.

Despite that, I really liked the show, which is quite a surprise. Part of me came into this expecting something awful or really shallow. But instead, what I got was a fun, lighthearted (though still pretty simple) show with cute characters, a nice sense of humor and just the right amount of drama. The thing is, it's really not that groundbreaking nor very different from other "moe" slice of life anime out there, apart from its "Let's form an idol group to save the school!" premise, but a lot of it really clicked with me. Also, as someone who is fond of watching really messed up or cynical stuff (even in comedy), I found the optimism and cheerfulness of the show to be really refreshing.

I didn't dislike any of the characters was another surprise and another thing that won me over. Looking at them at face value prior to watching, I already had this feeling that half of them will get get on my nerves real quick. The one with the orange short hair (Rin) and the loli with the twintails (Nico) in particular. Because, you know, anime (and maybe other fictional works) has this tendency of ascribing a certain look to certain personality types. I also expected to like some of them for the same reason. It was nice to see my expectations subverted like that, really fleshing out some of the characters, showing a different side to them or giving some explanation as to why they're like that. At the very least, it's good at playing with the personalities they've given them for comedic effect, like deliberately using one's cuteness to convince one girl to join the group, or acknowledging that one girl's perkyness and over enthusiasm can come off as really creepy at times. Though I found some of them to be less interesting, they all had something to contribute their group and choice segments of the show itself.

But Maki still remains to be my favourite even before we even started. Just everything about her character works for me. Her voice. Her look. I'm a big fan of the pointy, "slanted" eyes that she has (not that type of slanted eyes, you racist). TV Tropes describes it as "Tsurime Eyes". Her personality, as well. I find it really cute when she gets super embarrassed and flustered when someone says/does something sweet or nice to her, or when someone catches her doing something of that sort. It's kind of similar to the "Tsundere" archetype that some people like, but without the arrogant, bossy and abusive attitude that comes along with it, replaced by simple coldness or aloofness. (Here's another TV Tropes link: "Sugar and Ice Personality". No, I'm not sorry.) 

If I'll ever write one of those fetish blogs you guys are so fond of, those last few sentences will probably make it in somewhere.

Nozomi is another favourite of mine. A lot of it having to do with her probably being what I think is the silliest and most cartoonish character among the main cast, considering her personality and "gimmick". On most occasions, she usually comes off as a very friendly, calm and wise upperclassman. Before joining Honoka's group, she also served as a way to humanize Eri, her close friend and student council president, who was initially cold, strict and unyielding to them and the whole school idol idea. She's also seems to be a very spiritual person, working as a shrine maiden and has a fondness for fortune telling, tarot cards, horoscopes and such.

Then she likes to grope some of the girls.

She also has giant tits.


...so... yeah, I thought Love Live! was a pretty good show. The idea of chatting with someone over the internet certainly made me enjoy it even more and I'm looking forward to watching the second season the same way. Maybe even the upcoming movie.

Perhaps you guys wanna do something like that as well.

* - Like with last week's Smash Bros. blog, wishing for fighting game characters is the blogging community's favourite thing of the day. Occam's picks for future licensed characters for Mortal Kombat X.

* - With (news of) its release potentially right around the corner, OverlordZetta provides a rather sizeable rundown on Mighty No. 9, also addressing some of the criticisms it has garnered during its development.

A - Kodu's predictions for that upcoming Nintendo console.

P - More PStoid!

P - More Scary Granules!

W - Update on Retro's art contest (and documentary project). It's nice to hear that Jim might also make it in.

S - Watching a three day stream of Coachella seems to have done wonders to CrazEboy7, reminding him of happy memories.

S - Announcing your game console purchase through poetry. Because why not?

S - Long John's back!

V - Dustin finds more game stuff from the flea market.

V - The "Terribly Nice Gamer" and local multiplayer PC game recommendations.

R - ScreamAid reviews another flash/browser game: Coaster Racer 3.

T - What if Bushido Blade meets Dark Souls? Also wizardofradical is wutangclam now.

As the one working on the Cblog analytics, I don't like it when users change their names without prior notice...

F - My favourite Pokémon is back to rank the companion characters in the TV show.

I still found it strange how Hilda/Touko never made it in the show, bucking the trend of having the game's female protagonist as a companion. Perhaps it's because she's too cool for the show and would just make Ash and the rest of the main cast look lame.

F - Quite a long write-up for Seventh Son on this week's "The Shit Box".

So do you wanna watch the show now? Will you watch season 2 with me? Will you? Will you?

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


Photo Photo Photo

Well, that was an interesting dream I had last night. I haven't watched professional wrestling in forever, but I had a dream about being hired by Vince McMahon to be a WWE tag team manager and also a WWE Diva - it was more management than wrestling, though. I was more of a face than a heel, too.

The tag team I managed was called the Prismatic Rainbow Brigade and consisted of two fellows named Leprechuan Steve and Prism McKay and I had taken on the persona I called Fae Augustine.

Leprechaun Steve was a gentleman that wore a green suit, had lots of good luck and was incredibly polite. Prism McKay was a hothead that could refract light, cast rainbows on things and also turn invisble at will. McKay would sometimes just turn heel and do bad things, even when Steve and I asked him not to. As Fae, I was a fairy, flew carried a bag of fairy dust (just glitter, really), wore rainbow-themed outfits and had a really nice rack because a boob job was part of my WWE contract deal, I guess. We spoke with obnoxiously fake Irish accents and our entrance theme was "Paddy McCarthy"

Before each match, I’d kiss a girl and she would become a fairy! Apparently, being a fairy is contagious to women in this dream, but no one complained. After that moment we’d all put on a short play in the ring, then our opponents entered.

If things went well during the match I’d throw fairy dust into the air to signal Steve and Prism’s signature move – The Double Rainbow Elbow Drop – then I’d fly around the ring as they hopped from the turnbuckles to drop elbows on their fallen foes. After we got the pin, I'd fly above the ring and glitterbomb the losers.

If we were losing, Prism would turn invisible and find steel chairs, brass knuckles or other means of cheating. I might also throw fairy dust in an opponent’s face while the ref wasn’t looking.

Either way, we’d win and then Riverdance our way out of the arena. We always won and The Prismatic Rainbow Brigade became Intercontinental Tag Team Champions forever. I also ended up turning all the Divas into fairies and became Women’s World Champion. Vince had no problems with this, even after I turned Stephanie into a fairy.

The End.

Just looked up pro wrestling and fairies, apparently this happened.

This week has been a pretty good week for me as games go. Got my Vita back, downloaded six games for it, four of which I bought back during the February PSN Flash Sale and 10% discount. Snagged Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, MGS Peace Walker, Resogun and Fez. Well, okay, I later saw Sony was just giving away Resogun when I got my Vita, so they owe me three bucks, but I'm still happy to just have my Vita back.

On top of those, I grabbed Shadow Tower and Vagrant Story. I think Shadow Tower is relic of the pre-Dual Shock days of PSOne, because I had to fiddle with customizing the controls for a half hour to get it all to function like traditional dual analog controls and it is a little laggy, but it works. 

And of course, like any dungeon crawler from From Software, they drop you into into a miserable, dark, dank world and don't tell you anything. I'm okay with that, really. I'm rather interested to play through it because of that.  I also had never played Vagrant Story before, though I knew of its connections to Invalice. Amazingly cinematic for such a small file size, I love the comic book style it has. I may give these two priority over the other stuff for now, though I really want to play Freedom Wars and Peace Walker, too. 

Also eyeballing Deception IV because I keep hearing good things, Gamestop dropped it to $20 recently, but Wal-Mart dropped Borderlands 2 to $20 and Sly CooperTrilogy to $15 for clearance. Then Oreshika: Cursed Bloodlines on PSN is also $20. Can't really decide.

On 3DS I picked up Etrian Mystery Dungeon, used my remaining coins for Punch-Out and also downloaded Flipnote Studio 3D. I wish I had the cash for a New 3DS because I'd totally be about some Xenoblade Chronicles right now, but I can wait another month or two, I think. I haven't gotten around to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate yet and Devil Survivor 2 Break Record is right around the corner, then Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight is in July. I'm sure June is as good a Reyn Time as any.

I've only scratched the surface of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, but I decided since Hoffmann and GajKnight got sidelined in Untold (which I need to get back to, like I need to get back to Persona Q as well). I've put them on active duty as their appointed classes from that game - Hexer and Landsneckt respectively.  I am a Gunner and Elsa reprises her role as Protector - and we all die horribly in this game.

Hoffman is surprisingly the biggest asset in the party so far, nuking stuff from the back of the party. I did't use Hexer at all in EOU because Grimorie Stones let you borrow  and mix up skills from other jobs to customize existing ones. Since I have more debuffs than I need, Hexer is kind of redundant there, but here they are more useful. 

I really need to finish all my EO-style games. I'm gonna get Etrian Odyssey Untold, Mystery Dungeon and Persona Q done in the next few months, I think. I'm mostly done with two of them as is, I just trailed off after a bit.  Then I can be ready for EOU2 and Lost Dimension. At least, assuming I don't get too sidetracked, which I probably will. 


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