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18 hours ago - 6:00 PM on 03.31.2015

And that later is now. I watched a bunch of anime stuff last week. Buckle up, 'cuz this is gonna be quite a text dump.

So Boueibu, that magical boy show, ended on a rather underwhelming note. So this is a show that makes fun of other (types of) shows, right? When you have a parody, satire or something of that nature, there is this one type of "crazy" plot twist that you can pull off at around the very end. This show did just that, however, it wasn't very well executed and they didn't really do much with it afterwards.

"Didn't really do much with it", I think is the most appropriate description I can give to the series as a whole. I think episodes 3 and 7 were funniest and overall best ones, which also happen to be the most suggestive ones. It's those times when they fully acknowledge the potential shallowness, silliness and shamelessness of their premise is when the show truly shined. I really liked how the earlier monsters of the week would make such a big deal about their really small problems, and how the main cast were ever so halfhearted about this whole magical boy affair. I also enjoyed the gimmick of universe's representatives for love or evil being cute animal creatures with really deep or mature sounding voices. And how one of them disguises himself by acting as the stuffed toy of one of the school teachers he decided to control, whose physical well-being is dubious at best ever since.

However, those moments are few and far between, and most of it is rather plain. The characters never really develop past their initial gimmick (like one of them all about the girls, and another's all about the money$) and visually, the show is pretty unremarkable as well. I found myself not really paying too much attention to the majority of the episodes and attended to other things while watching.

So if any of you were still on the fence on whether or not you should watch this, I'd say you're not missing out one much if you don't.

I somehow ended up watching Tiger & Bunny: The Rising. I really love the Japanese's fascination with the word "the", with the odd way they use it in their titles. Anyway, I'm surprised this just came out last year, way past the height of the shows popularity when it first came out back in 2011.

The story is a group of criminals have been committing crimes reenacting an old legend about their city (which is some sort of bastardization of Christian mythology, complete nuns teaching it to school children), in time for the holiday celebrating said legend. Meanwhile, Kotetsu, who got demoted to a junior league hero due to certain developments in the show, can't seem to catch a break, with his partner Barnaby (who was also demoted since they work as a duo or something like that) being promoted back to the big leagues without him. To add insult to injury, his position in the duo is replaced by a cocky and arrogant new hero named Ryan (a.k.a Golden Ryan) who has the power to manipulate gravity.

While we can say that the series was largely Barnaby's story, who's trying to uncover a mystery from his past which they soon discover holds a secret that will rock the very foundation of their society, this film is Kotetsu's story as he tries to get his mojo back. Yeah, that's it. They always did like to position him as an underdog or washed up hero. It does make it seem like the purpose of the villains (along with the conflict they brought in) plot-wise was really more on setting up a scenario that will eventually give Kotetsu another chance to shine by the end of the film. And the villains themselves were pretty forgettable. My bigger problem though is there was a lingering and more pressing plot point left at the end of the show and it remains to be unaddressed at the end of this film. I really wanted to see a followup on that if they were going to continue the series.

Because of that, it felt more like a glossy side story rather than a proper continuation of the series. Outside a few things, the events of the film were largely inconsequential, with no really important developments on the characters or the universe itself. So those looking for something "bigger" because it's a film version of a thing might be a bit disappointed.

I didn't like how Lunatic was there once again, yet once again they didn't really do much with him. He was the rouge hero who had no problems with outright killing the criminals he catches, which the main cast is naturally opposed of. Again, he enters the scene and goes after the criminal. The heroes get in his way. And instead of shaking them off (which he is more than capable of) he stops and fights them while debating ideologies. And then he goes away when things start to turn against his favor. They wasted a really good plot point in underutilising him.

\姐さん/\姐さん/\姐さん/ | よこた [pixiv]

Another side thing of note was that there was a even a gay element to the film. One of the main heroes in the series is a gay/trans man named Nathan a.k.a Fire Emblem (yeah). He can shoot fire. For most of the film, he's inactive after being put the sleep by one of the villains and made him experience nightmares about his fears and insecurities and such (that's like his superpower). So naturally, Nathan's nightmare was about people rejecting his sexuality, harkening back to his childhood and bringing up his parents, etc. Of course, this leads to words of encouragement from friends that makes him wake up and going all "It's ok to be gay!" and beating the bad guy. I'm all for LGBT awareness and all but I kind of like it better in the original series when they were more subtle about the message. Make no mistake, Nathan was VERY flamboyant and sexually charged but I really liked how they did not make a big deal about it. It was not part of the plot or anything and was just another part of his character. And the people around him did not ever find the need to question that. He can shoot fire. He was part of the city's premiere league of heroes sponsored by the biggest corporations, and their acts of heroism are televised like a sort of reality show that's a staple to their society. And he sponsors HIMSELF, being the owner of one of those mega corporations. They already show how awesome he is without making it all and only about his sexuality.

Finally got around to watching the other two live-action Rurouni Kenshin films. To think I had all three with me way back in late Jan after we had dinner at some place which just so happened to be playing one of those films and that's what convinced me to check it out...

Both films came out last year, surprisingly, just a few months apart. I think it even came out in cinemas here. I don't know if it's the same for the anime, but this story arc with Shishio makes the last film in some areas feel like an early draft in comparison. (Last one was about Kanryu, Jin-e, Megumi and that whole opium biz) Some of the new characters are pretty similar to the ones that are already there. Like the girl and some kid. And the prissy rich villain who uses a Gatling gun at one point then stopped because the director told him "we already did that last time". Shishio's motivation for his actions is much better though.

I really like they how varied the fights were. There's always something different about the next one beyond cosmetics or the setting. Every other enemy has their own fighting style and choice of weapon. It makes it all the more thrilling, thinking "How will Kenshin deal with THIS ONE?" The second one ups the ante even more, with everyone who's anyone getting in all the fighting. Men, women, kids, old people. I also like how the fights were rather low on magic or other supernatural moves that don't make much sense. Only on occasion would you see Kenshin fly across the screen, or Saito do a stinger from DMC.

The buildup for the last film really made me expect a very action-packed finale. He called in like 10 boss characters in colorful costumes then only less than half of them got any proper screen time. Then things kind of slowed down by time the last film starts and it takes quite a while, almost half the film, before they could get back to that level of energy they had in the previous one. I thought the second was the best one overall because of that.

The most notable aspect of the film series for me is how everyone looks so good. I'm the one who thinks that when trying to cosplay or translate these anime characters into real life, you shouldn't try to make them look exactly as they are in the show. Because certain visual aspects like hair or costume design may not look as good anymore when placed on a mostly real and non-stylized human figure and setting, and so you have to do some slight changes to make it fit more. I really liked Yumi's design in the film more than the original. Changing her hairstyle and making her less busty, she's basically just Elesa at that point. Too bad she's mostly serves as background decoration in the film. And I bet she doesn't fare much better in the show.

Yeah, I really seem to have a thing for long sidetails...

One unanswered question I still have is, was Kenshin and Kaoru supposed to be of the same age? Because I thought Kaoru looked much, much younger, which then weirded me out whenever there would be light romance stuff between them.

Or maybe Kaoru just really likes older men...

But if it's Kenshin we're talking about, who wouldn't? Or Saito. Or Sanosuke. Or Aoshi. They're all so handsome...

And quiet pretty boys...

Hardly anyone wrote a blog today :( They must've thought "Oh, Luna's going to recap today. I guess I'll just post my blog tomorrow..."

A - Life lessons from Monster Hunter 4.

A - Evil rabbits on this early Easter special.

A - It never occurred to me to make thematically-appropriate playlists for your games. Here's Seymour with a bunch of 'em.

Can't read my poker face. Might watch this as well.

Slightly related, have you guys heard of the "Light Rail Avenger"?

F - Zombie Nation for this week's "Shit Box".

Also, I'm official now.

F - "Why we need to play games", said this single-sentence blog, followed by nothing else. It invites the reader to ponder on that statement and ask themselves "Why?", "Why do we need to play games?" But the genius of this text is in it's emptyness, in has already given us an answer. Nothing. We don't need a reason to do the things we enjoy.

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


Photo Photo Photo


Yikes, I've been called upon to do my reservist duties. And that's great but it's so soon to my last recap that I'm kind of dry out of ideas to write about. I have a couple of things I'm working on atm but wouldn't want to spoil any of that right now.




Oh Yeah I like skateboarding!!!

This will be the theme for today's recap as I've found some cool reddit subs full of clips and whatnot about skateboarding. I want to share them with you which will mean there will be a couple of YT vids linked, I'll try to minimize those as much as possible.

Without further ado, here is the recap for March 29th 2015!

* - Wish I knew more about Seint Seiya but I really like how EdgyDude turned game consoles into characters from the anime, reminds me a lot of the game Hyper Dimension something or other way too long title for a game...

* - It's funny if a perfectionist had the ability their lives would only consist of two days that they redo and redo until forever, uhh time to redo this topsauce: If you want a good article about linearity in gaming KingSigy has you covered!

* - Scholarly writes a heartfelt blog about things going on in his life and addresses the Destructoid community. Oh and go check out the blog and congratulate him!!

* - Dreamweaver's Comments of the Week is here for another installment!!

A - Titannel gets you PUMPED for Wrestlemania by looking back at a plethora of good Pro Wrastlin' Games. My Personal favorite: No Mercy N64 all day!

A - It's About to Get Gay in Here tackles Nintendo vs. the Mobile Market

S - In what should actually be classified under PictureToid Bardley gives another entry in his cblog series, looking back at the ads of the Nintendo 64; It's picture heavy and it's wonderful!

couldn't find the video of just the darkslide, be warned loads of naughty language in this

That's Clint Eastwood

R - Almost like it was time coordinated with the release of Axiom Verge, DelectableHam Ham Reviews Super Metroid on the Wii U

T - Perry details how important the PSOne was and quite frankly it was a charming read and made me nostalgic even though I never had the console

T - Paying $12 for a figure with some minor dlc as an added incentive can be pretty disappointing, but seriously how often is "disappointing" not immediately to follow the term "DLC"?

R - Maggit has some helpful advice in what is basically a field report of working on Stop Motion Videos for a film festival, pretty cool if you like that sort of thing!

F - I agree with Dixon, there's already too much vitriol on the internet.




Last week's AMC's The Walking Dead had one of the finest moments I've seen (sorry if you were expecting AMC's other TV show). If you guys are tired of me talking about the series, rest assured that next week's episode is the Season Finale... though I'll probably switch to Justified since there's only three episode left before the show's over. Anyway, before I talk about The Walking Dead and say why I love it so much, I just want to remind everyone who isn't into the series that this series is a drama first and foremost... and that, obviously, [Spoilers for the comics and TV show] are as follows.

Rick's group make it to a place called the Alexandria Safe-Zone, which is a closed-off community with running water and electricity. As a result, the people here have not "acclimated" to the zombie apocalypse world, and Rick's group have. Still, we see Rick's people trying to live there peacefully, but some people still have some problems. Rick's arc is that he seems to be crushing on a woman named Jessie, even being friendly with her kids, but she's married to a man named Pete. We find out that Pete is a woman-beater though, and with that, Rick manages to convince Jessie to leave Pete. However, Pete is enraged by Rick's attempt at authority when he tells him that he needs to leave her house (as Rick is given the role of Constable by the leader of the community Deanna Monroe), and thus they fight each other.

While in the streets all bloody, with Rick close to killing Pete with a chokehold (well, I was expecting a neck snap), Deanna comes in and stops Rick. While Rick does let go, Deanna sends her men to restrain Rick, but then Rick pulls out a pistol that he smuggled and waves it around.

Furthermore, he starts losing it and reveals his true thoughts of Alexandria by telling Deanna that the people here won't be able to survive with their lack of experience in the new world, as well as Deanna's leadership. He then tells her that she shouldn't be letting new people in, and when she says that "it's more apparent to me now than ever", Rick does his best Joker impression and, laughing, goes "What... me? You mean ME!?"

Rick has always been an interestingly dynamic character: he starts off exactly as you'd expect from a good cop in a zombie apocalypse, but then starts doing more and more questionable things to survive, or exact justice. One episode he refused to pick up a hitchhiker, and when he died, Rick just stops the car and picks up his belongings. Another, Rick wanted to kill everyone at a place called Terminus because they found out they were cannibals.

My personal favorite was when the leader of the cannibals Gareth begged for his life: when they attacked Rick's group, Rick had a team hidden in the shadows, and they used a silencer to kill two of Gareth's men, prompting a surrender. However, when Rick tells everyone to execute the cannibals, Gareth points out that Rick isn't really going to kill them, as why wouldn't Rick just shoot them all when they walked in. Then Rick went up to his face with a machete and said "that's cause we didn't want to waste the bullets" before slashing him to death.

Speaking of downward spirals...

I recently read this article on Gawker about an adult woman going to jail for having a CONSENUALLY incestuous relationship with her father (who is also sentenced, if I recall), and there are many interesting thoughts running through my head. However, one of the two that stands out the most is disbelief. Because after all, you gotta admit, it sounds like a porno or a hentai, albeit with a horrible ending. I mean, (presumably) legitimate daughter-father incest... that's crazy! And yet, the other part of me feels utter, almost seething jealousy: I mean, I'm not jealous that they're going to jail, but I can't help but feel extremely angry at what they had together.

And this isn't the first time that I've felt this way. Sure, I read a lot of incest hentais, but as you know, those are strictly fantasy. However, whenever I read "legitimate" accounts of consensual incest stories, whether it's brother-sister, cousins, whatever, it's almost like a double-edged sword: on one hand, it's kind of interesting to see something like that happen in real life... but at the same time, it doesn't happen to me, and I feel insanely jealous. The keyword of these stories is that it's consensual: theortically, I could force someone to my whims, but I don't want to, almost as if deep-down, that's not what I truly desire. I WANT a relationship, a loving one at that, not some kind of sex slave, even if I could manipulate someone into becoming one.

I was, and still am, pretty busy this week, though mostly out of my own fault. See, I had two big college projects due Tuesday, and while they were assigned many weeks ago, my depression and laziness made me put it off until now. After forcing myself to spend time in a library to work on these things, I'm making good headway though: I'm "finished" with a draft for one and have like 80% of the other completed, and I'm hoping I'll actually finish it all before Tuesday.

Honestly, I don't know why I even care about finishing these things: it's like my brain used my depression to get me not to care about flunking out of college, but once it's due in a week, my brain gets a change of heart and now I'm busting my ass trying to get it done, in addition to Comments of the Week, Saturday's recap, my contributions to March's recap, as well as something else entirely unrelated to Dtoid that I'm doing. I know the Destructoid stuff is optional, but... well, I can't explain it, but I don't want to not do them: even if it isn't the best use of my time, I feel compelled, but willing, to try my best and put something out.

It feels like I'm not around here as often as I was or would like to be. I consider this place, this community, like a second home to me, and I'd like to give back in whatever way I can.

* - Look into the mind of Brittany Vincent as she describes what it's like for her to hear Kid Cudi's song "Immortal", and how she relates to the lyrics he spits out.

* - SeymourDuncan17 doesn't need to see more games to know what he wants out of 2015: he lists 15 games that he's looking forward to playing this year, whether they're new arrivals or from the ol' backlog.

* - For Dtoid's 9th Anniversary, Roberto Plankton showcases his excellent drawing talents by drawing not one, not two, but 109 Dtoiders, staff and community members alike, and places them all in a Youtube video. Are you the ones he morphed to his twisted creation?

A - You may have heard of Tiger Electronics and its bad products, so have you ever wondered just how bad the Tiger Game.com is? Titannel tells us his impressions, and it's just as bad, if not worse, than you think.

A - What happens when you're trying to decide whether you want to spend money on a videogame you're not sure about? Well, if you're AvtrSpirit, you get drunk and blog about it!

A - AmusingUserName doesn't necessarily hate the Pokemon games, but he's not all that into it either because of several issues he has with the structure of the series.

V - Chi-Guy has a video for you: since the newly released Bloodborne is from From Software and has similarities to the Dark Souls series, whether or not Bloodborne is only for fans of the predecessors.

R - Lord Spencer continues his SNES Reviews with the much loved Earthbound. Is Earthbound out of this world, or does it simply bog down?

V - LastSeraph brings back the Infinite Backlog series with episode 25 reviewing the downloadable title inFamous: First Light! Is First Light a beacon, or simply a burn out?

V - Gobun's last post was almost 2 years ago, but he returns with a Let's Play of Life is Strange!

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

This week, I've returned to posting the Friday recap super early. I explained last week how the flea market season has started up, and I'll out there bright and early, but that was before it decided to be 30 degrees and snowing in Ohio seven days after being 60 and sunny. That pretty much sums up Ohio, folks. We get all four seasons in the same week.

So, my sister-in-law's birthday was this week, and she wants to go to laser tag, which really surprised me because she does not strike me a laser tagging kind of gal. I haven't done laser tag since I was in junior high school with my friend, David. We would go to Q-Zar pretty much every weekend, and the only things I really remember about those trips is that there was a Mortal Kombat 4 machine, and there would always be that guy in his early 20s who thought he was boss for beating a bunch of 13 year olds in laser tag.

Such a terrible cabinet design.

The baseball season starts in about a week, does anyone care other than myself and HLBC? Alright, moving on (GO REDLEGS).

WrestleMania is tomorrow. Even though my love and obsession for the business that I used to call my home was dwindled since my retirement, there are two events that I always get excited for: the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Well, if you don't remember me writing about the Royal Rumble a couple of months ago, just let me remind you that it was total shart.

WrestleMania looks to be pretty much the same. As far as matches that matter go, Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins has the potential to be great. The Intercontinental Title ladder match will likely be the show-stealer because it has all the wrestlers that still give a crap like Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Dean Ambrose. Rusev vs Cena can either go one of two ways: a slow, methodical match where two big guys trade their hardest hitting moves (which I would be all for), or a total stinker.

Bray Wyatt vs the Undertaker...this is really going to hurt me to say this, the Undertaker is my all-time favorite wrestler and the main reason I ever wanted to become one, but he just turned 50, he's had so many injuries and surgeries that he can barely stand, he wrestles one time a year (and trust me, you wrestle your best when you're doing it consistently), and his undefeated streak is over. It's still going to be a big match by pageantry standards, but I have a feeling I'm going to want to cry when its over.

Then two old men are going to wrestle. Thirteen years ago, The Rock squared off with Hulk Hogan and it was dubbed "Icon vs Icon." This would have that exact same feeling to it, except that Triple H is way past his prime, so it's no longer a "passing of the torch" kind of deal. However, Sting was always (and still is) a much better wrestler than Hulk Hogan from a technical standpoint, so even though this match may not be built up to be as big as Rock/Hogan, I think the overall match is going to be better.

Then we have the main event: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. I think this match is going to suck. WWE has built up Reigns as the next huge star, and the fans aren't buying it. I used to be a big Brock Lesnar fan, but then I got into wrestling and realized that all of his best matches were with veterans that walked him through it. You don't have that here. Neither one of these guys can carry a match, so the only saving grace would be if Seth Rollins cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and inserted himself into the match.

So, yeah, I'm expecting WrestleMania 31 to be a mediocre show. A lot of spectacle, but very little substance as far as the in-ring action goes. But, at least it'll still be better than WrestleMania 9.

Now let us never speak of it again.

Videogames! I played The Order:1886. Here's the thing--The Order is definitely a game where you have to say "here's the thing"--I really like the parts of the game where I'm actually playing the game. The problem is that I don't feel like I'm doing that a whole lot. The firefights are good, the steampunk weapons are fun to use, and the game is absolutely gorgeous. But, those action moments are never more than a few minutes long. You're constantly forced to either walk and listen to exposition or watch a several minutes long cutscene. I checked it out from work and got about halfway through before stopping.

I enjoyed the game, and I didn't find the QTE parts to be that bad, in fact, (spoilers, I think) I really liked the section where you fight the lycan one-on-one. Perhaps I just needed to push forward to the end, and I intend to eventually, but I would have enjoyed the game more if the lycan stuff played a bigger role.

Lastly, I'm still enamoured with Break Bad. I'm about four episodes into season 2, and from what my friends tell me, the "binge-watching" comes in during season three, so that's soon upcoming.

Recap time!

* - Titannel introduces himself to the Dtoid community. I'm not going to lie, as a fellow collector, I'm very jealous of the Game Boy kiosk.

* - The incredibly talented Alphadeus released his newest album!

A - Gonzo was my favorite Muppet. Gonzo gaming has nothing to do with the Muppet, but I'm struggling for creativity here guys.

A - Is Final Fantasy VI the first real example of games as art?

A - Lauraofthenorth was late to the party. But as Zig Ziglar once said “It's not how you start, it's how you finish that counts.”

A - Have fun wailing on each other, kids! Because Nintendo said so.

F - No Nintendo for you!

F - No Xboxing for the community this week, either :-(

F - BattleDuty: Advanced CODFare 4 on this weeks Playstation FNF.

F - Raiders of the lost Destiny on the EU FNF

V - RH666 calls dibs on Erron Black.

$ - Quick! Ooktar is giving away a bunch of free games on Steam! There might still be some left!

R - This Far Cry 4 review works a lot better if you read it in the Bane voice.

T - Wizardofradical says Bloodborne is much more fair than one might think.

 Now, go out there and do something awesome for somebody else. It'll make you feel good, and when you feel good, you live longer. That's science.


Photo Photo Photo

There's not a lot of video game stuff to talk about this week. I finished South Park: The Stick of Truth and loved it, I bought The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for 3DS with some leftover Club Nintendo coins (stars, rather), and I'm still on the fence about games like Monster Hunter 4. That's all well and good.

But since I need something to pad out this week's Shadeisms, let me talk about something weird that happened to me IRL. It's basically a freak coincidence. It involves a girl. And it may or may not lead to anything. So let's get to it.

Do you know the type of girl who just cannot possibly be single? I think everybody knows one of them. It's not just because they're the most gorgeous person in the history of the universe or anything, but they just have that kind of x-factor. Someone who is at least above-averagely attractive and who has that special kind of extroverted outgoing personality, in such a way that you can't imagine them not having a boyfriend. The universe simply doesn't work that way, it doesn't compute.  

I know a few of those ladies myself. Most are still in DC (with their boyfriends), but I also know one in Holland. For about the past year or so me and her have been doing this project together. We meet up for about two hours once every couple of months to work on it, but beyond that we don't really hang out or even talk. Those few times we do meet we have good chemistry going on though. We talk about our work obviously, but we also discuss everyday things. I showed her pictures of my trip to the US (I knew she still wanted to go to New York someday, so the pictures of the Empire State Building at Christmas blew her away), we talk about hobbies a little bit too, all very natural and fun. In fact despite it being related to a specific project, "fun" in general describes our meetings pretty well. 

But like I said, she's one of those girls who cannot possibly not have a boyfriend. I never asked her directly (I never would), but I always just assumed that she wasn't available so I shouldn't bother. With her looks and her personality, her 'x-factor', being single was just inconceivable to me. Plus, considering that I only see her very rarely I figured there wasn't much point. Because of all those things never even considered asking her out, it wasn't even remotely on my mind.

Fast-forward to Friday April 20th, the day of the eclipse. Remember how I talked about my dating site adventures a couple of weeks ago? Well, this day I was browsing my dating site again...and it's her. Like right there. I had to look a few more times to make sure, but there could be no mistake. It was her alright. I don't even know how a thing like that happens. Someone I only know remotely because of a shared project just randomly shows up on the same site I happen to be on. Out of nowhere this great girl who I always assumed taken, because how could she not be, is all up in my list of matches. It took me a full hour to really comprehend it.

The whole story is actually at least twice as insane as I'm making it sound, but some of the deets I'm going to keep to myself. Rest assured that it was the weirdest shit.

So now that I know this lady against all odds isn't just single, she's single and looking, the only question is what to do next. I quite like her, so I can't let a freak coincidence like this slide. The stars aligned, Sozin's comet is in orbit, and the Thousand Year Door opens; I just gotta ask her out now. I'm complete shit at asking people out, but this is like peer pressure from the universe itself. I can't not do it now.

With the help of a fellow Dtoider I decided that I probably shouldn't approach her via the site. It might come off as pretty damn stalkerish if a guy you only vaguely know randomly starts messaging you on a dating site you just signed up for. Instead I'm going to use the meet-up we already had planned for two weeks from now, and ask her out then.

How things are going to go from here, I have no clue. She might want to keep things semi-professional, or she might go "Eh, why not?"

The bad news is that her "preferred date" is someone at least 24 years old and 6'3" (she's a solid 6' herself). I am in fact neither 24 nor 6'3". The good news is that I will be turning 24 the day before our meet-up, as if the coincidence couldn't get freakier. The other good news is that even in the Netherlands men over 6'3" aren't all that common, plus I'm only about an inch shorter than her. So who knows, she might overlook it. The best news of all though; she's looking for a date on a dating site. And we all know that 90% of the men on dating sites are jerks, idiots, or both. In contrast she already knows that I'm not a jerk and/or idiot, so I might have a shot over them.

It's a complete toss-up at this point, and I'm frankly pretty damn nervous. The only thing I do know is that the universe is crazy sometimes. Shit like this shouldn't even be possible. Like, what the fuck?
...I just hope the universe has enough insanity left for her to say yes.

- Sincerely, Shade.

-Also, these caps are now devoted to The Princess Bride. For no particular reason.

* - It's About To Get Gay In Here calls Robert Summa out for being a dick, in signature It's About To Get Gay In Here style. Personally, I would've just gone with "Robert Summa, you're a dick. Sincerely, Shade."

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That reminds me. I have exactly zero entries for Trine 1 and 2. You can literally stroll in and claim them. If nobody does I'm giving the Trine pack away at random. I don't care if you have them already, give them to a friend and spread the love for Trine.

F - Nintendoid's first Smash Bros tourney is coming up, you can still enter! Fear the mighty Luigi.

T - The multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World really is something else. Also, I'm totally stealing the term "foe-operative play", love it.

T - There's this game called Primal which I've never heard of, but TheKodu has. He wants more of it, and I can't argue with that. It sounds cool enough!

M - Alphadeus has competition! Chill with some music courtesy of Maggit.

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Over my birthday weekend celebration, I got two games: Tomodachi Life and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. If you've been wondering where I've been as Cblog Manager, now you know. But what am I going to do? Play more Monster Hunter? DON'T MIND IF I DO!

Tomodachi Life I'd like to describe as The Sims and Animal Crossing within a Nintendo fever dream within a tumblr fanfiction full of shipping. Not quite as brief as I thought that'd be but when I see my co-worker passing the time in his apartment by rolling around I can only describe as a surreal experience. I've got most of my real life friends and co-workers inserted and I've tried my best to get their real birthdays inputted and something resembling their personality questionnaire. But in the interest of getting my apartment complex as full as I can, I've included a few Dtoiders I've connected on social media. And sometimes its scary how much it mirrors real life. Like, my girlfriend's Mii confessed to my Mii on the first day and things didn't go so well. But right now they're friends and are on their way to a relationship with a bit of prodding.

But by far my favorite feature is the singing, which is utterly ridiculous when you combine the campy choreography with insane lyrics. For example, I have Shadeoflight's and Jawshbutterballz's Miis with my own and another friend in a metal band called The Destructoids singing a song called Social Justice Warriors like something out of Through the Fire and the Flames (Shade is on vocals, Jawsh plays some mean drums). Then comes all the slash fiction that comes with having Internet friends like Shade interacting with real life friends and Miis like my sister.

Did I mention the game is hilariously ridiculous? I discovered my friend's Mii's favorite food was mashed potatoes because he immediately started break dancing after chowing down on it.

But Monster Hunter tho.

Monster Hunter is a goddamn beast of a time investment. And the gameplay is pretty much scratching my Shadow of the Colossus itch. They may not be genuine colossus-sized (yet) but SotC is very problem solving and puzzle oriented. Monster Hunter is an unapologetic action game, right down to pseudo-sluggish controls and combos. Only it's just sluggish if you're unfamiliar. When you know the nitty-gritty tricks like roll canceling and other kinds of animation shortcuts, then you can learn to be very efficient when swinging around weapons meant for slaying dragons and do so by being twice your size. Admittedly, MonHun is a slow game in pacing, for the singleplayer caravan quests anyways. You'll start with boring quests and it'll be a few hours until you're first legitimate hunt and even then it'll a pretty mediocre hunt (I'm sure veteran MonHun players are familiar with Great Jaggi's presence as a newbie boss).

For me, it all clicked when I hunted Kecha Wacha, a sort of elephant faced primate. It was an exhilarating hunt, taking place in an overgrown canopy area where'd I'd either fight him on the ground where he'd normally hang down or on the canopy as he'd burst through trying to claw me with his talons. There are a lot of rising highs and decompressing lows during a fight of its complexity. During the initial encounter he'll be spry and agile, lunging at me for close-range and spitting stamina draining water shots are range. Eventually you overpower him, cresendo'ing with him falling off the ceiling and leaving him writhing in confusion, fatigue, and completely defenseless to a free combo. Kecha Wacha will start limping and begin considering escape rather than continue fighting him. He'll try gliding away with his flying squirrel wings but new hunters eventually learn to tag monsters at first sight with paintballs in order to track them for just such an occasion. It all ends when you inevitably track the monster to their den where they sleep to recuperate. But if you track him soon enough it only means they're left even more vulnerable then if you stunned them silly during a battle.

When that moment finally comes, when the camera pans out to show Kecha Wacha dramatically keeling over dead, with music playing triumphantly for me as I carve up its legendary animal parts, I knew Monster Hunter had me for the long run. And I mean, easily 100 hours, no problem. I'm already farming hunts for materials and they're fun.

I cannot wait to get deeper and I haven't even gotten to multiplayer, which makes the monsters dramatically tougher. Even Great Jaggi took a lot of punishment when I soloed his multiplayer hunt.

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