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CALkulon avatar 5:16 PM on 11.13.2008  (server time)
Yet more BS from Blizzard

In reference to the controverisal Paid Character Customisation announced at Blizzcon, Blizzard's Paul Sams and Lee Sparks had this to say to Eurogamer:

"I think the reason for the monetary expense is more of a barrier so that people don't do it every day"

Riiiight. Because there aren't plenty of other ways to stop players from doing it every day? Much like Brad's article on Starcraft 2, Blizzard is keen to show that it definitely does not want to make loads of money from you. They also said:

"It serves as a tool for people to do it, but also as a deterrent to not do it too much, and also allows us to have the staff to be able to continually manage the population."

Much like the justification at BlizzCon, Blizzard are keen to make sure we know that they definitely cannot afford to hire more staff, as that would involve starving themselves of swan sandwiches, or selling off some of their golden toilets:

Or maybe I'm just cynical.

Your thoughts? Does anyone else think that this is just the latest PR bullcrap blitz from Blizz?

(In other news, IGN gave Wii Music 7/10. They've been on the lolcats again!)

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