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CALkulon avatar 6:54 PM on 07.31.2008  (server time)
Sony decides, again, that it's ok to screw the UK [UPDATE]

Two quick points:

1) If this has already been blogged, apologies!
2) This may also apply to the EU in general, I don't know.

As some of you may already know we in the UK have had Gran Turismo TV as part of GT5 Prologue since release. It hasn't been particuarly good, with only 5 videos currently there to download other than the credits etc., and one of those is an advert for the stupid GT Academy competition. All of which are free.

Now, 3 of these videos (Nissan GT-R: The Legend, Parts 1/2/3) have been available to download for sometime, and from what I've seen aren't too shabby. But having just looked inside the News section, there was a post on the 29th of July saying that in the incoming update (amongst other things) that these videos will now be PPV - even if you've already downloaded them, you'll have to pay to watch.


How in the blue hell can they possibly be justified in charing for something that was already free, especially if you've already downloaded and viewed it? Consider as well the original cost of the game - £25. $50.

It may be a relatively small indiscretion on the part of SCEE compared to some other things they've done to Europe, but that list is growing weekly, and I for one am getting more and more annoyed with how we're being treated.


[UPDATE:] I have to admit, I'm a tad confused now. Despite the notice on the news (which I have double, triple checked) the GTR videos are NOT PPV. You can't download them, because the servers are overloaded right now and you can't get anything downloaded other than the update. I sat 'downloading' 4 different videos for at least half an hour and didnt get beyond 0% completion.

However, something I don't like*, as I alluded to in my comments on the front page threads, is that we're being charged to view Top Gear content. For most of the EU I can understand this, but we in the UK already pay for BBC content via the TV license. I really, really, do not like paying twice for things, particuarly when it is easily accessible via the BBC website for free.

(other than the fact that we're paying for content I believe should be free after paying £25 for the game, but that's another debate altogether!)

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