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CALkulon's blog

10:46 AM on 07.14.2009


Short blog! A friend of mine brought this to my attention, now either my sarcasm meter is horrendously broken or this a new low for censorship...pretty funny either way though. Enjoy! (Just watch from start, although if you're super impatient skip to 0:40ish.) I don't own a 360, they don't do this kind of crap all the time do they? FLAME ON!   read

3:36 PM on 04.04.2009

My PS3 broke; Sony are dicks.

This is going to be a rant blog, probably, so leave now if you can't put up with whiny Scots. Earlier today my PS3 broke. When you try to boot it up, I get a white light quickly followed by the three beeps and a never endin...   read

5:16 PM on 11.13.2008

Yet more BS from Blizzard

In reference to the controverisal Paid Character Customisation announced at Blizzcon, Blizzard's Paul Sams and Lee Sparks had this to say to Eurogamer: "I think the reason for the monetary expense is more of a barrier so tha...   read

3:27 PM on 11.11.2008

Idiotic UK press attacks games...again

We've all seen it before, but it certainly doesn't get any easier when the press blindly lash out at video games, scapegoating them for abhorrent and disgusting crimes. The last week has been no different. Today in the Dai...   read

5:06 AM on 10.13.2008

Paid Character Customisation coming to WoW

Source:, 12th October 08. "...In another recent press conference, Jay Allen Brack was asked about the Paid Character Customisation that has been found in the game files. At first, he dismissed the question,...   read

6:40 PM on 09.18.2008

To those of you expecting a double XP COD4 week...'re not getting one. Seems there's been a misunderstanding somewhere along the line, I was expecting it to start soon, and in researching the subject found that it's actually only a double XP weekend - however the varie...   read

6:54 PM on 07.31.2008

Sony decides, again, that it's ok to screw the UK [UPDATE]

Two quick points: 1) If this has already been blogged, apologies! 2) This may also apply to the EU in general, I don't know. As some of you may already know we in the UK have had Gran Turismo TV as part of GT5 Prologue sinc...   read

10:56 AM on 03.18.2008

5 Months on and Pro Evo 2008 still sucks.

First off, this is my first Blog post and may therefore be highly unpleasant to look at, I'll try to rectify problems as soon as I can. Secondly, this will undoubtedly be a blatant whinge thread. Us Brits like a good bitch...   read

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