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I've been gaming since I was three... I think (I have a horrible memory :P) And the first console I ever played was an NES. From there I have owned all the Nintendo consoles that have come out. Right now I currently have my PS3, Wii, and my laptop available for gaming (My 360 croaked recently). I am a very big fighting game fan, but I like alot of other types of games too like FPS types; just don't expect me to be too good at all of them. I also like writing/typing about a lot of things which of course include video games.

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When I barely got my X-Box 360, I remember watching some of the free promotional videos for a make your own video game contest. There was some good ideas here and there by some contestants, I remember some dude describing what was in essence Audiosurf but with a more race-car feel to it that sounded neat. I knew though that this would not end well after simply because it was Dorritos sponsored. I remember the last time a game came out by a non-game company and that game was Yaris. The result is better than Yaris, but that is not saying much at all

The premise of the game is your either a T. Rex going after Dorrito Delivery Trucks, or you’re the truck delivering Dorritos while avoiding the T. Rex. To balance out the gameplay, trucks handle better than T. Rexes but the lumbering oaf of a dinosaur can tear through buildings.

The premise could have made for a fun game, somehow, but it is no good predictably. The controls are horrible in this game. Playing as a T. Rex is a chore and not fun, and controlling the truck is only marginally better. The game also decides to throw in another truck/T. Rex combo on some modes which only causes utter chaos, in the bad way.

Normally this would merit a score of 4 (subpar) by itself but the game decides to get cute and throw some jokes between rounds. Wit is a good addition when done right and enhances games in certain cases. Just ask Valve. The comedy in this game however falls flat on its face. It uses the kind of jokes that make you cringe. It made me cringe even more because the person writing this garbage probably thought it was funny.

There are really only two justifiable reasons anyone should download this game:

1.) Your broke after buying your Xbox 360 and you download all the free games available,
2.) Your going after the easy achievement points.

And even then there are better options out there for both reasons, at this point your just scraping off the bottom of the barrel.

Score: 3.5

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