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C2C Shiro avatar 5:06 PM on 03.17.2009  (server time)
Persona 4 impressions (I'm Late I know)

Time for the long overdue impressions that I promised you guys. Right Now I am past the sixth dungeon and I think I am fairly far into the game. With a game like Persona 4 though, I don't think that I am too close at beating the game yet. Here are the impressions I have from the game so far.

I really like how Persona 4 streamlined so many things that Persona 3 did. Traveling in town is much faster, you have access to many more social links at the get go, the story is more approachable, you control all characters in battle, the list can keep on going if I really wanted to. That and all the stuff that I really liked from Persona 3 is here, examples being social links and the turn based combat.

The social links are about as good as they were in Persona 3 with the exception of two in particular. All the social links focus on a particular moral dilemma that a person can really think about and maybe apply it to real life. Some of the social links actually hit really close to home for me at times, I grew up in a very small neighborhood so some of the issues really resonated with me.

I don't like the fact that SP is now what dictates how long you stay in dungeons. As long as you keep the SP high, you can spend an indefinite amount of time in the dungeon. This is quite possible if you play your cards right, literally speaking; and if you strengthen a particular social link. It got to the point where I beat the last dungeon I was in with only one trip.

The story, up to the point I am playing at least, seems pretty good. It actually plays around with the Persona name and focuses on the facades people put on in front of others. That being said, I still prefer the Persona 3 story for some reason. Probably because the sense of urgency Persona 3 throughout the game and the fact that you can only do so many things in one time in that game added so much too the mood. Though Persona 4 could totally pull the rug from under me since some of the game's big mysteries don't seem even close to being solved.

So far from what I have seen though Persona 4 does the name proud though since it is easily again one of the better RPGs I have played in awhile. Whether or not it is better than Persona 3 at this point depends where the Persona 4 story goes from here.

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