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Hello, I'm Jimmy/C2C Shiro

I've been gaming since I was three... I think (I have a horrible memory :P) And the first console I ever played was an NES. From there I have owned all the Nintendo consoles that have come out. Right now I currently have my PS3, Wii, and my laptop available for gaming (My 360 croaked recently). I am a very big fighting game fan, but I like alot of other types of games too like FPS types; just don't expect me to be too good at all of them. I also like writing/typing about a lot of things which of course include video games.

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WipeOut HD
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ShinMegaTen: Nocturne
ShinMegaTen: Devil Summoner
Zone of the Enders 2

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1.) I took 3 months of a Mixed Martial Arts class.

It was really fun and I would really go back into training again if only I had the time (and not as many games to beat). I can say with a straight face that I can actually hold my own in a one on one fight :P

2.) I like my coffee with ABSOLUTELY nothing in it.

I drink coffee, not coffee flavored sugar and milk. I also like it really strong.

3.) I used my PS2 for absolutely nothing but DDR MAX 2 for 3 months straight.

I got DDR MAX 2 with the mat for Christmas about 6 years ago (man does that make me feel old for some reason) and was so hooked on it that’s all I played. Now that I think about, it that is probably the leanest I have ever been too.

4.) I actually enjoy watching the occasional sports game.

It doesn't matter what sport it is really (American Football, REAL Football, Tennis, Etc.) I'll watch it if it catches my interest and is a close game. And yes I did watch the Super Bowl even though its kinda taboo here in Destrucoid.

5.) I like singing in Rock Band.

I never got into karaoke before hand and I just like singing in Rock Band. This likely due to the fact that I can go into my insane/obnoxious theatrics a lot better when I am singing than with any other instruments. This is also probably why I don't like playing the drums much either.

6.) A magician made me disappear in a car on the eve of my ninth birthday.

And I don't mean the cheap magician that you hire for a kids birthday party. It was freakin' Lance Burton on one of his shows in the Monte Carlo (I dunno if he is still popular or not but that is one of my most cherished memories). To this day, I have only told two people (My Grandpa, and a good friend) the exact way on how he pulled off this trick. Man that was seriously cool.

7.) I think that my manner of writing/speaking is a little too pretentious.

I use way too many big words when I speak or write. I sometimes think that it gives me that aura of "that pompous d-bag". Sometimes I need to remind myself to use more words that are common.

8.) My screen name actually came in two parts.

The first time I ever joined a community I used the overly long "Crashes to Crushes" as my screen name. After some time everyone there just shortened it to C2C and it just stuck to everything else online I did. I used Shiro on all the games that allowed me to name the characters for a while (Not anymore though I just name them off of whatever comes to my head). I just combined the two and that’s been my handle for many things now.

9.) Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have bought a PS3 when I did.

Don't get me wrong, I like my 60GB PS3; but when I bought it, I was under the illusion that certain games would remain console exclusive (Tekken and Final Fantasy are the big ones that come to mind). There are only a couple of PS3 exclusive games that prevent me from selling my PS3 right now.

10.) My favorite movie as a kid was Little Nemo.

Back in the day I could recite the whole "hajamapajama" line by memory. Sadly, I never played the NES game though I plan to fix that sooner or later. Man after posting this I’m actually going to watch that movie again for nostalgia’s sake.

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