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Bwabwa avatar 6:59 PM on 05.05.2014  (server time)
10 Random Facts about MEEEEEEEEEE!

I rather not show myself, so I'll leave it at the picture above.

1. I build Gunpla during my free time, and I enjoy the hobby, minus the price of it. Its fun and it gives me something to do with my hands and allows me to roam free with my imagination.

2. I'm Asian and I live in the ever growing San Francisco city. Full of hipsters, tech-bros, Priuses and rising gas price. Want to see? Here's a photo of a gas station I took yesterday on the way to church.

3. I used to game a lot. Back in middle school/high school, what more can a pubescent teenager do? Play video games and joke with your buddies. Nowadays, I still game, just not as much as I would use to. Work, life, school, etc - they all take over and they take priorities.

4. I own a PC, PS1, PS2, PS3, and an Xbox. I would love a PS4, but there is currently nothing on the market that catches my eye, other than Watch Dogs, but I'll wait until later in the year to buy one.

5. I own every single copy of the Gran Turismo series since its debut on the PS1. Hence the cover photo of my blog of the Ruff (Porsche).

6. I love reading manga, comics, and watching anime. I'm also a fan of DC/Marvel, but more DC than anything since they have a deeper storyline (IN MY OPINION).

7. I'm a nurse, or going to be.

8. I'm a long time friend of one of the writers here on D-Toid : Alessandro Fillari. I'm sure you guys have read some of his articles. We met in middle school, and we're still friends to this day. We both know each others families and we still hangout here and there when the both of us aren't busy.

9. I dislike the CoD franchise, mainly because its the same thing every single damn year, and yet they make millions of dollars. However, I love the Koei-Tecmo DW/SW/Gundam series, even though they're the same thing every single year.

10. You just read all 9 facts. Last thing?

Hrm. I don't know what else to put.

Enjoy, yeah?

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