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Butterflies and Hurricanes avatar 7:40 AM on 01.10.2008  (server time)
You Complete Me

I donít know if Iíd say Iím a collector. My joint collection consists of what we like to consider the best of the best of our tastes, almost hitting game number 400, I think that day will need a celebration. It is on its way to be complete by what we consider completeÖ Meaning we're not looking to own every game of a series or system, and weíll pick up a Nintendo 64 game if it doesnít have the box. But we do have standards, the games must be in minty condition (although this wonderful place known as Dťjŗ vu Discs has a really great resurfacing machine you can use for cheap) and a case is preferable, but finding a replacement is easily enough done. And now that there are sites online where you can download the slip covers, if that is damaged or missing (damn EB games!) it can be replaced.

Before I get into the meat of my tale, I would like to digress on my EB games conspiracy theory. So when you order a used game online, they have a disclaimer Ďmay not include a box or instruction manual.í Ok fine, so that means to me, may not include box or instruction manual, not will not include them! Ico came with no booklet, no slip cover, and a plain DVD case, lame! I have vowed to never buy another used game from them online again! But my bf got one for Xmas from someone else, same deal! My theory: There are other people that share my frustrations about missing the book so when people trade in their games and EB is going to sell them online they strip the game clean sell it at the listed price and sell the books and slip covers separately to companies who sell them to the frustrated customers for a double profit. So thatís my theory be it right or wrong, itís the only explanation I have!

Being a bargain game hunter there is always the risk of the game not including the instruction manual booklet when you crack open the case. This is a risk Iím now learning that you must take in order to find that elusive title. What always gets me about the whole thing is where the hell did that book go!? Really though, if someone traded the gameÖ did they just keep it, lose it, dump their pop on it? I guess itís all possible, but I guess because I take care of my stuff that wouldnít happen to me. So those are some possibilities for trade in games. But Iíve also found games in rental stores like Blockbuster when you can buy their previously enjoyed games. Again where did that book end up? I donít rent games, but as far as I can tell, the actual case stays on the shelf, and the game you take home, doesnít come with the book. I could be wrongÖ But thatís my understanding. And even if you do take the book home, you donít own that game, so why keep it?

I guess my angst comes because on my last hunt when Grim Grimoire made the trek home, and much to my dismay the book was absent. *tear* So of course my wheels start turning I make up fantastical possibilities of where the book could be. Maybe when a person rented it they just forgot to put the book back in the case. Or maybe the person was mugged and the book was taken hostage, and when the price couldnít be met the criminal returned the game late and without the bookÖ Or notÖ Or the worst possibility, the artwork in the book is sooo beautiful that they felt the need to keep it. But it still doesnít change the fact that I have the game and no book.

I get so obsessive over something a lot of people probably donít ever open. It isnít that I need the instructions to play the game, but I love the extra time and effort put into these inserts and I want to be able to appreciate them. So many of them contain such beautiful artwork that is separate from the look of the animation in the game, and I just love that not only can I enjoy a game but the artists find even more ways to make the game complete for me. That is the completeness Iím looking for, my own personal desires not so much to say it is complete by a collectors standards.

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