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About 2 weeks ago I finally cracked and bought myself a PSP. Iím a little slow on the informing because, well for one Iíve been playing the crap out of Patapon and two Iíve been a bit bogged down with school work. But thatís ok, here I am.

When I bought it I was at home on my Spring Break/Reading Week and was having a really craptacular day, and went out and bought Patapon so that I would one day be able to play it. So Iím sitting there with a game I canít play, and really wanted to play so with a little prodding from my mother of all people I went and bought a PSP for myself, the shiny, sexy silver Daxter package. Then I probably made way too big a deal out of buying it and had to assure myself itís ok to buy things for yourself, just because Iím a starving University student and am always prepared for the apocalypse of my life shattering down on me. But I now have a PSP and I love it.

But there are only a few problems, for me there really isnít a lack of games, there are lots of titles I would like to play. At the moment I only have the two games Daxter and Patapon which Iím content with since theyíre both fun, Iíll find more games when Iím through with them. But thatís my problem there are lots of games I want to play, but Iíll be damned if I can ever find one! LuminesÖ no luck. Me and My Katamari? Even EB Games/Game Stop doesnít have it on their website anymore. Loco Roco? Iíve only ever seen it in one store. So what the hell? Iím really glad I bought Patapon the day it came out or I may never see it again. Where are all the games? I donít know, but I guess Iíll just keep looking. But Iím super psyched for Crisis Core! I think the system would be worth it for me for just Crisis Core and Patapon.

Ok I have to digress here for a sec, why does Japan get all the wicked sweet stuff!? Like the Crisis Core PSP bundle, sigh I want *pets screen*. Oh well maybe one dayÖ

But thereís really so much more to the PSP than just games. I can use it as an mp3 player, watch movies (which I find useless to buy them, but you can), and I can access the internet on campus without lugging my laptop. But as for the movie thing, I find it excessive to buy UMD movies, but with the proper video file conversion Iím able to play my own movies. Now I can watch episodes of Cowboy Bebop between classes! And that makes me happy! The PSP has the ability to fill most of my needs on one compact machine. Not to mention it is one aesthetically pleasing piece of technology.

But my new interest is not meant to downplay my DS. The DS is great too, and has a lot of titles coming out soon that Iím really interested in. Harvest Moon DS Cute (with Plushie!), Professor Layton and World Ends With You just to mention a few. And Iím actually really glad I have both now, and that they both have titleís I want because now I can flip back and forth between two styles of games/game play/console ability which is what I think I was lacking before.

If only this would actually happen, I would be golden for life!

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