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Butterflies and Hurricanes avatar 11:34 AM on 01.27.2008  (server time)
The PSP Does For Me What The DS Won't

A new phenomenon has happened to me that has never happened before. I've bought a game and am going to continue to buy games for a system I don't own, let alone have access to. I can get away with buying PS2 games because I have access to one any where I go... But the PSP has sold me. Sold me so much that I can't afford the system yet, so I'm collecting a library for when I do get one.

It's funny this doesn't really happen very often, once it has happened to me with a movie. When the first Spiderman came out I'm positive there was some sort of subliminal messaging. I really should have had no interest in that movie, just because I wasn't familiar with the Spiderman story previously. Obviously I knew who he was but I had never read the comics and so forth. But for some reason when I saw those trailers, not to mention I saw them 100 times a day on every station, I was frothing to see that movie. I HAD to see that movie, I went opening night.

The point I'm making is that this is how the PSP is making me feel right now. I keep hearing about more games, first it was Me and My Katamari and I am a huge fan of the Katamari series, but one game at the time wasn't enough to sell me on a system because I had We Love Katamari. Since that time however Little Big Planet has me frothing for a PS3 hehe I'm pretty sure with that game I'll be content forever, but I guess that remains to be seen. But the PSP, so it all really started when I bought Wipeout Pure for my partner in crime, who also doesn't have one. I guess it sort of justified the craze.

Now that we own games, it is set in stone that a PSP will enter into our lives. And of course now that the initial shock of owning a game for a system we don't have I'm looking for Me and My Katamari, I've been pondering PaRappa the Rapper, and most excitedly Patapon! AND! Loco Roco! I haven't in a long time seen a trailer for a game and get as excited as I have been lately, and especially for the titles appearing on the PSP.

And I mean getting excited for games is all well and good, and I'm psyched for getting a PSP, but my problem is that these were the types of games I was hoping to see on my DS. And I understand with the touchscreen game changes, but aside from Nintendogs, the only game I got remotely excited for was Cooking Mama, which I heard about because it was coming for the Wii. Which also made me want more exclusive titles to just my DS. Not to mention all the Brainage and similar titles make me shake my head, they are flooding the shelves when the whole idea of the DS should be leading people to do what these games are "strengthening". The other DS games play on a sort of hand-eye coordination that those silly Brainage games are testing you on.
To top it all off the possibility of an affair with another company led me to visit with my Nintendogs last night. Poor neglected bastards made me feel worse about it all...

I guess what I'm trying to say... in the words of taumpytears "The PSP does what Nintendon't" (for the time being anyways)

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