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Butterflies and Hurricanes avatar 7:01 PM on 01.19.2008  (server time)
The Funk Will Set You Free

I understand that most of my posts have been predominantly about Sega games, mainly in things relating to the Dreamcast. The conclusion Iíve come to is that the Dreamcast and my DS are the only systems that I have here at my apartment all to myself so I therefore spend the greatest amount of time on. That isnít actually what this post is about, but it was just my disclaimer for the fact that this post is going to be about another Sega creation.

The music of the Jet Set Radio series makes my life complete. Between the two games there are over 60 tracks, thatís right folks! 60+ pumping original and remixed energy packed tracks to get you into the state of mind to want to go out and vandalize a city. When you listen to the music when youíre playing the game, or even just on its own, you start to feel your heart quicken with the excitement that it instills in you. Or you sometimes feel yourself begin to swagger and you just feelÖ Ďcoolí when listening to a song like Humming the Baseline. I canít explain what it is, it must be that they have exacted the formula for a mix of bass, beat and what should be a horrifyingly annoying vocal track but isnít, that just works in any sense of the word. They are the kinds of songs that I want to hear to get ready in the morning, keep me going through my day, and I would love to hear them if I head out to the club at night (hasnít happened yet, but Iím still waiting for the day).

Now Iím not saying that I donít enjoy the music of the other games I play, although some are better than others. While the music of Zelda makes for a complete gaming experience and I find myself whistling along with the songs of the Ocarina to call Epona or on the Wind Waker to change the windís trajectory, it isnít something that I would put onto my Ipod to listen to on my walk to the bus everyday. Jet Set Radio, and Jet Set Radio Future however take up much of the space of my Ipod. Although it would be hilarious to see the looks on the faces of passers by if I was to go skipping up and down the sidewalk listening to the music from Zelda and then do a little twirl to the happy trill of finding an item.

The songs are really good, even though I hadn't heard of the artists before, Iím sure that they create other music outside of the Jet Set realm. There is the exception to that. Rob Zombie lent his musical stylingís for two of the tracks on Jet Set Radio (What Lurks on Channel X, and Dragula), which I found myself really getting into in the context of the game even though these were tracks I wouldnít have personally sought out to listen to before. On the other hand Dragula has proven to be the perfect song to get my adrenaline pumping when Iím walking home late at night from my night class, so that if by chance someone should jump me I could kick some assÖ Or at least have my blood boiling in the right place to put up a good enough fight.

My favorite tracks are (in no particular order):
I love love you, Jet Set Medley, Jet Set Medley Future, Statement of Intent, Magical Girl, Like it Like This Like That, Let Mom Sleep and Baby-T among others. (If youíre interested to check out some of the music Iím pretty sure YouTube still has the tracks on there) So that is my recommendation for this evening, check it out!

Closing on an unrelated note: I really enjoy writing these up and seeing what you guys think, but my hobby has been pushed to weekends only *cries* I have my commitment to school which I have to be sure that I keep on top of or else Iíll find myself in a lick of trouble hehe. So my own blogging has its new time slot of weekends only, but I always stop by to see what everyone else is up to.

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