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I can’t really explain if it all started because a Genesis was my first system and not the other available Nintendo systems, but I’m a Sega girl through and through. When I see a Sega logo, it makes my heart smile. When I hear the midi-chant of ‘Seeeegggaaaa’ I get shivers up and down my spine. What is it about this company that pulls me in and keeps me there?

I know their consoles are dead (ok, the Dreamcast is half-dead, I must say that or doc love will be on my like a fat kid on a smartie, see: Did someone say Khrushchev?). But where else but with Sega am I going to find another game like Space Channel 5, Kolibri, Nights Into Dreams, or even Phantasy Star (online and otherwise)? I just can’t. Sega pushes the envelope and its innovative, unique quirkiness suits my own character to a T, finding myself continually hooked!

So while I’m sitting here looking over my options of wrestling for the Playstation2, sitting alone with my Nintendo DS, or listen to the warm purr emanating from the polished white Dreamcast sitting on my bedside table. It always calls to me loudest, ‘come play Mr. Driller… or Space Channel 5 part one or two…wouldn’t you love to see Grandia II again? Or graffiti tag in Jet Grind Radio… or Looney Tunes, you know you wanna space race!’

And you know what? I do! Night Everyone!

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