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Butterflies and Hurricanes says:

If Life Was Like That...

// Submitted @ 5:06 PM on 01.07.2008

So I was watching Futurama the other day with my bf and they addressed the idea of life as a video game… and now with the mention of eXistenz in response to my other post… What WOULD life be like if it were more like a videogame?

I’ve been pondering a lot of ideas and writing and posting them as they come to me, but I kinda want to try something different this time. People read the post, then respond… then respond to each other so I want to know:
What would you make different if life were more like a video game?

I’m torn, would I want theme music that goes off every time I have a revelation or find something interesting, or would I want to change my clothes to change abilities like in Final Fantasy X-2?

But I want to hear from other people not myself, so, What would your video game world be like?

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Butterflies and Hurricanes

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