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Butterflies and Hurricanes avatar 12:58 AM on 02.03.2008  (server time)
I Loves A Good RPG

Today I started playing Final Fantasy III, by which I mean Final Fantasy VI and don't even get me started on how confusing that whole skipping of episodes and renaming them gets. But I did get it right in this case... I hope!

My disclaimer for tonight is that it is late at night, and I should be asleep... so I'm going to apologize in advance for my circular post that this may turn out to be. But I do find the renaming of Final Fantasy games very complicated but I went and did my homework today and I think I've finally sorted it out in my mind.

In other news I'm really loving it. I have been absolutely craving an RPG and lately I've just heard a lot of people talking about old school FF. I'm ashamed to admit that my venture today is my first time playing any FF game, ever. ouch... I know. But on the other hand my consoles have been the Sega Genesis (2, Sega's consoles are also incredibly convoluted oh my goodness... But I'll save that for a more alert evening), and then the N64, and then a Gamecube. So in general I'm somewhat console deprived. I never had an NES, or and SNES or a Playstation 1 or 2. So really I've never had access to any of the FF games, until this year when I borrowed a Dreamcast in September for my apartment. And I'm currently "not" playing FFIII/VI on DreamSNES on this wonderful, possibly favorite console of all time. The DC is definitely up there, I love this machine.

I haven't played a lot of RPG's in my time only because I was unfamiliar with the game play so I guess I just didn't get any, plus I really didn't own many games so I just played the crap out of the ones I had, none of which were RPG's. But! In September when I was introduced to the DC I played through Grandia II, and wow did I love that game. I absolutely fell in love with this style of gaming. The turn based fighting I found really enjoyable, I had yet to find a story that I was as attached to as I was to this one and my love for RPG's began. I also realized what a time commitment they were, so I haven't played another one since my first one in September. But the past week or so I've been in withdrawal. So I thought I "wouldn't" take a look through DreamSNES to see what it had to offer and I saw FF and it caught my attention. And once again I'm in love, RPG's make my life complete.

I have to make a little comment though, I told my roommate I'd started playing it today and that I have never played a FF before and he was so appalled and ready to flame me for it that I had to stop him and explain myself. And I feel like I shouldn't need to explain myself, plus I'm playing it right now!

When I find myself in these situations I realize that my growing up gaming works a lot differently than other peoples, (broad generalization but I need something to juxtapose with) my love of gaming had, since I was really small, always been combined with my Dad's love of gaming. So if my dad wanted a certain system, that's the one I opened Christmas morning. I wasn't one of those kids that begged for a system or knew what they wanted, which I think is great! And I'm really like that now, but at that time for me I was just happy with what I had and played the crap out of it. I took what I had and I loved it! Which explains why I'm a Sega-girl, my first system was the Genesis because I was living in Europe at the time, and compared to North America, Sega was a bigger seller in Europe and among the other kids there than SNES but that's just my understanding of the situation.

In any case it's time for me to call it a night, goodnight everyone!

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