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BS I say!
As if I didn't hate my school enough the school newspaper prints an article which just further proves they are a bunch of misinformed idiots my peers are.

First the article makes gaming sound like a bad thing, and I mean I have seen the Intervention where they had to physically separate the kid from his Xbox. But I mean come on.
Not to mention this article is completely biased. It was written by a girl, and she for one has no understanding of what it is to be a gamer, and is taking it upon herself to inform others. Not only does she not know what she's talking about, but the quotes she chose are completely biased also.

"Unlike men, while playing the game, females were turning a part of the reward circuit off," Dr. Hoeft said.

What the hell is that shit? I find it pretty freaking rewarding to destroy a boss. Especially if I've had to go back and level grind, when that boss is pwned... I feel pretty rewarded.

Then to top it off I have no idea where she found the guy she interviewed... He calls himself an avid gamer and yet states that "It's people who have too much time on their hands. It takes skills, but no effort."
2 problems!
1: I don't have too much time on my hands, I have no time on my hands, but I used gaming as a way to unwind just like other people might watch T.V. what's the difference? There is none! It's fun.
2: Takes skill but no effort? I don't even know what that kid means, it takes a certain amount of effort to become skilled, and to maintain your skills also requires effort. I have this sneaking suspicion he may be one of those "watch me crush this beer can with my forehead" type of gamers. There does seem to be an excess population of such gentleman on my campus after all.

Then to top it off yet another person from my campus, a professor quotes to close the article:
"...the best way to avoid a video game addiction is to not begin playing."
Sigh, that makes me so incredibly frustrated and I just don't understand what the big deal is with playing video games, and why it is necessary to create such a focus on things involved that can be potentially negative.
Yes for a very small portion of people it can become an addiction, but that works the same for gambling and for alcohol... But wait gaming won't put you in debt (well not as quickly hehe) and you can't destroy your liver...

I say, Lighten UP! And that people should try to understand more about our culture before make us seem like we have a problem just because we have a hobby.

And to close off I'm going to share said intervention video on the video game addict... Not contradicting to my entire rant because... this is the one and only game intervention mixed in with pretty much every other episode dealing with drugs and alcohol.

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