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I just want to say that I will go out of my way to play a game where I get to play as a hot chick. And I don’t mean Rumble Roses Hot Chick, or Dead or Alive Xtreme V-Ball girls. I mean classy, funky, sexy, cute girls. Well maybe not all of those things combined, more of a categorized selection.

Classy: The style that can steal the moment, she’s not falling out of her dress, she’s not jumping up and down and shaking it, she’s kicking some ass with wicked style and winks at you after demolishing a room. That is my classy girl. The Final Fantasy Girls pull this off for me.

They are looking Pretty Damn fine, and aren’t making me shake my head.

Funky: The only and only Ulala from ‘Spaaaaaaace Channel 5!’ She fits this category perfectly, she’s pretty, quirky, funny, foxy and she kicks some major alien ass with her mad skills in dancing. Wow… I just used ‘Mad Skills’ in a sentence…

And you know I’m drooling over those Cosplay GoGo boots!

Sexy: What makes you think of sexy? For Me? Lingerie. So wow did I fall in love with Odin Sphere. I distinctly remember when my bf sent me the link to the screen shots and I stopped and found myself awestruck. “Wait? I get to play as a cute girl in red and black (my favorite) and STOCKINGS!? Stockings, real pinstripe stockings!” Plus you have magical powers, and come on who doesn’t want magical powers? Oh yes beautiful, belly revealing, stocking wearing (complete with lace tops!), weapon toting Velvet wins this category for me!

Seriously, just check her out!

Cute: So I guess a lot of gaming girlies can fit into here. So I’ll pick a few of my favorites. They’re pretty, can hold their own, and they are the ones you find yourself getting really attached to. In a lot of ways they’re my favorites, they’re the Aerith’s of a game, the Zelda’s, you know who I mean. They’re not overly sexy or homely, but they look good in what they’re wearing and get your attention.

Elena from Grandia II

Fiona from Haunting Ground (her pooch, Hewie, is pretty cute too!)

Final thoughts, there’s also the fun twist when you get to design your own, my Phantasy Star: Online character is an elf with blue hair, purple eyes, black corset with matching skirt and red trim, and red fishnets, yummy!

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