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Butmac avatar 10:21 AM on 08.29.2007  (server time)
Stuntman - The Hardest Game Ever [Vol. 6]

I think we all had pretty much the same reaction when we heard about Stuntman.

"Oh that sounds pretty sweet."

However, when it came out (and sold very well) I passed it up initially because of it's supposed staggering difficulty. It got solid reviews but hearing descriptions of tasks that you had to perform just made me cringe.

That was until last summer when I found the game used for $2.99 or something like that. [Fact: If a game is $2.99 and you've heard about it or you enjoy it's cover art (See: Wrath Unleashed) then you must buy it. The only exception to this is the game "Evil Prophecy."]

I popped the game in and really enjoyed it. It had decent graphics, the cars were pretty
cool, the controls were acceptable, and I was doing some dank maneuvers. This was until I hit the second level I believe it was and had to do something ridiculous (launch car 80 feet in the air while maintaining a 90 degree angle for 4 seconds then land 50 meters in front of the barn with your BACK wheels touching first, then cure cancer...go)and when I realized that even if I did that ridiculous task - there were 3 even more ridiculous tasks waiting for me in that level. Then I realized, "Well shit, the whole game is gonna be like this, I'm gonna lose my mind."

And honestly I haven't played the game since. So if you are a masochist with a penchant for racing games...hellz yeeah.

Stay installment promises some maximum carnage I promise.

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