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Butmac avatar 12:53 PM on 01.15.2008  (server time)
Let's Kongregate: Bloons [Volume 1]

Man, I have been wanting to get started on this series for a long, long time.

Welcome to the first volume of "Let's Kongregate." My last post about Kongregate netted a whole lot of interest so I wanted to find a time when I could focus on it more since it's kick ass and we like doing it.

I work at a job where I have time on my hands fairly frequently. How do I use that time? Well, one way is to play the mess out of every flash game on the internet. It wasn't until about 6 months ago I learned of Kongregate.

If you've never been to the site, basically what it is, is a collection of flash games from all across the internet. There's integrated chat in each game as well so you can be playing something and talk to your friends. On top of that they also have what makes the site so amazing - achievements! Yes, they work just like the achievements on XBL but also have a level given to you based on how many points you have. I have 587 points and am a level 8.

But the reason to visit the site is the games. Each week there are about 2 to 3 games that get featured on the site. Each game is total quality too. This is on top of the 100's of other quality games the site has.

So to help you out I've decided to do this series to spotlight the best games on the site. And starting things off is what I think is the greatest Flash game series ever...


In Bloons you assume the role of a monkey. A monkey with but one solitary mission. Pop enough bloons to move on to the next level. But there's a catch. You only have a certain amount of darts to throw each level and some of the shots you are expected to make border on absurd. Actually, if you play this one then every shot you are expected to make is absurd.

If popping balloons with darts sounds easy, then you are a foolish sucka because it is NOT easy. There are some balloons that do certain things. There is the needle balloon that shoots needles in 8 directions popping all nearby balloons. There are ice balloons that freeze balloons making them impossible to pop but gives you a good surface to bounce your darts if such a situation ever arose where you would need that. There's even a Pac-Man Balloon that turns into the man himself when popped and you use the arrow keys to guy him as he chomps on balloons.

You'll have fun with this game - I guarantee it.

Here is the list of people I have so far that are on Kongregate - see you suckas there.

Butmac = Butmac
D = PodGlitchD
CronosBlade = Cronosblade
itemforty = itemforty
ProfessorPew = Pewology
Cowzilla3 = Cowzilla3
Blehman = bleh6467
bhive01 = bhive01
Shipero = Shipero
Barcode = barcode1
Aerox = Aerox
UglyPhil = UglyDuck
power-glove = powerglove
ShadowXOR = ShadowXOR
BigPopaGamer = BigPopaGamer
MaxVest = MaxVest
Gemsi = Gemsi
Necros = NecrosTerminus
Snaileb = Snaileb
Grim = DtoidGrim
JohnnyBlaze = Jusblaze
Electrobes = electrobes
Hoygeit = Hoygeit
SgtBilbo = DtoidSgtBilbo
trydizon = trydizon
abortothefetus = aborto1thefetus

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