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Butmac avatar 8:07 AM on 08.10.2007  (server time)
Hugo's House of Horrors - The Hardest Game Ever

When I say adventure games I'm not referring to Beyond Good and Evil or Full Throttle.

I'm talking about those early 90s command driven pain-in-the-ass adventure games. In particular I'm talking about Hugo's House of Horrors

Hugo you son of a bitch. Seriously. I was in 1st grade when this game came out and barely remembered it when I picked it up again my sophomore year of college. Like you, I grew up on adventure games like The Dig, Indiana Jones, Full Throttle, Myst and LOOM. If you have never heard of Hugo's House of Horrors I will give you an example of what you had to do in this game. The following is an excerpt from AphonicFox's walkthrough of Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom on GameFaqs.

III. In The Village*
Now that you have the crystal ball, take the upper path westward, and you'll
arrive in the village. Walk north and you'll see a bunch of natives walking
around. Go up to the pot in the middle of the town and type "GIVE CUBES TO
WOMAN." It may take you a couple times to type it. People always interrupt you.
The woman will thank you and give you some poison darts and a blow pipe. Walk
east and enter the door to the hut. A native will rush up to you and trap you in
his cage near the wall. "MAKE EFFIGY," then "PUT PINS IN EFFIGY." The native
will run over to you and pass out. "OPEN DOOR," and walk over to the red cage.
"PUT SANDWICH IN CAGE." Walk over to the left and "GET CANDLE." Now stroll over
to the very right of the screen, waiting for the mouse to come out of the left
hole in the wall, and go into the cage. Once the mouse goes in, it'll get
trapped, allowing you to walk over to it and "GET CAGE." Return to the main
screen of the village (where all the natives are), and head east.


Who thought it would be a great idea to have players do these things much less type the commands in precisely correct? If you love these games, you sir, are a masochist.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

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