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Butmac avatar 12:59 PM on 09.24.2007  (server time)
Home Alone 2 - The Hardest Game Ever [Vol. 8]

Everyone remembers Home Alone. What a great movie franchise they had there in the 90s. They should have made some games to accompany those movies. Wait what? They did? Oh that’s joyous news! I bet they were fun, made sense, and complemented the movie they were tied to. Oh wait, they didn’t? Not even close huh?

Why I even had this game (and still do) is a mystery. I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know what prompted me to wanted it as a child, and I certainly don’t know why I played it as much as I did. I distinctly remember the first level was the Plaza Hotel. You played as Kevin and it was a side-scrolling adventure as you slid under floating vacuums and dodged random shit that just flew at you. The hotel staff was always trying to grab you too and if they did – game over. The only other level I remember well was the level I could NEVER BEAT. It was the part where you were in the dilapidated house in NYC. And I just remember being lost and trying to jump over gaps and it was like a maze or something that you could not escape. I think there were keys you had to get to open doors in the house, but you know how the side-scrollers and the crazy stuff that flies at you can be.

I would love it if someone else remembered playing this game too, but I really doubt it as even I can’t believe I played it – much less that the game even exists…but it does exist…very much so.

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