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Butmac avatar 10:17 AM on 11.28.2007  (server time)
Destructoid Community: Let's Kongregate

When I joined this community over four months ago the first thing I really wanted to do was find a place online where we could play gamez and "hang out." Basically, a FNF except during the workday for those of us who are so bored at work.

My first thought was Yahoo! Games. That's an obvious choice, but the games are very standard and general. I wanted something with some PIZZA. I found it.

If you've never heard of, it's a pretty rocking site that has grown a lot over the past several months. It is made up of a whole bunch of flash games but when you join, no matter what game you are playing, you are still tied into the Kongregate chat rooms and things like that. Basically, you stay in the website the whole time and there aren't any extra popping up windows.

There are a bunch of multi-player games too so we can maybe organize little tournaments. I know I can't be the only person who desires to game while at work within the limits that the workplace sets up.

Oh and this site has something that will make this all worthwhile. Yeah, IT HAS ACHIEVEMENTS. My score is 149 as of right now making me a "Level 3." They work the same way as on XBL, different games have different tasks, when you complete the task to get the badge/achievement/points. Awesometown.

So, what I want to do to get this rolling is have whoever wants to sign up...sign up and add me as a friend. My name on there is...Butmac. If you don't mind, for confusion sake, use your Dtoid name as your name on Kongregate too (unless you are -D- whose name is too short /pokes D in the face). I'll keep a list in this post and future posts of everyone so you can add other people too.

The chat room we will settle into will be "Scribbles." I believe it's the default channel.

JOIN (use this link so I'll be added to your friends)


Butmac = Butmac
D = PodGlitchD
CronosBlade = Cronosblade
itemforty = itemforty
ProfessorPew = Pewology
Cowzilla3 = Cowzilla3
Blehman = bleh6467
bhive01 = bhive01
Shipero = Shipero
Barcode = barcode1
Aerox = Aerox
UglyPhil = UglyDuck
power-glove = powerglove
ShadowXOR = ShadowXOR
BigPopaGamer = BigPopaGamer
MaxVest = MaxVest
Gemsi = Gemsi
Necros = NecrosTerminus
Snaileb = Snaileb
Grim = DtoidGrim
JohnnyBlaze = Jusblaze
Electrobes = electrobes
Hoygeit = Hoygeit
SgtBilbo = DtoidSgtBilbo
trydizon = trydizon
abortothefetus = aborto1thefetus

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