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Roger Ebert Is Not Your Enemy

This is written in direct response to Chad's most recent article. Unfortunately, I seem completely unable to comment at all. So, I figured I'd spew my unpopular opinions on here instead. I see the 'turgid videogame anonymity...


Eternity's Child - Spero Melior

I don't believe anyone actually thought seriously about the question: are these reviews unprofessional? Important to recognize what we expect from professional criticism. An honest opinion for starters and that's certainly th...


Gaming's Guilty Pleasures: Sewer Shark!

Guilt doesn't even begin to describe how I feel knowing that I like this game. Guilt sounds like it's just a stain on my clothes, easily dispatched by the rinse cycle. This is shame, dark bile surrounding my soul. But I just ...


Rock & Croal

Shame. Disgust. Loathing. I'm not talking to everybody here. Many have said really inspiring, introspective, true things in the wake of N'Gai's comments on the trailer at hand. Many who dissented, did so in rational, respectf...


In Defense of (Potential) Video Game Movies

This is written in direct response to Jim Sterling's article: Why do videogame movies fail so much? In your mentioning of what film adds via adaptation to other forms of media, you neglect to say what it detracts. From a pla...


A Gaming History Vol. 1-4: Carmen Sandiego

Where In The (Insert Milieu Here) Is Carmen Sandiego? These earlier halcyon days were spent playing video games that all tried to teach me something. Gorillas aimed to provide me with rudimentary artillery skills so I coul...


Super Mario Galaxy, 5 Hours In Space

Truly, this is a game that could only take place in space. There exists, in the public subconscious, a kind of mythology behind space travel. These are the elements that make us watch a space shuttle launch in awe. The weight...


A Gaming History Vol. 1-3: Red Storm Rising

Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy's book have often been accused of having shallow plots and a fetishistic love of all things techno and war-y. Thankfully, those same tendencies have no bearing whatsoever on the quali...


A Gaming History Vol. 1-2: The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail So much has been said about this game by every asshat who does something like this except me, the ultimate asshat. I haven't said anything about it and I don't know what you've heard. I look upon it fondly b...


A Gaming History Vol. 1-1: Gorillas

This is the beginning of a monumental project. I have now played video games since I was five years old. That adds up to 18 years of gaming tomorrow (my 23rd birthday), over three quarters of my life. And now I've decided to ...


Televised Competitive Video Gaming? Yuck-city

This was really written many moons ago. And in the time since, the World Series of Video Games has been completely and utterly canceled. Not just on TV but even as a standalone entity. I was not one of the few people taken by...


Sympathy For Master Chief

Spoiler Alert After the Halo is fired and the Flood wiped out hopefully forever, Master Chief finds himself adrift in space, lucky to be alive. His only companion, Cortana, informs him it could be years before they're found....


About Busone of us since 1:34 PM on 09.26.2007

First and foremost, I'd say that I'm a quitter. I quit a lot of things. And the only things I don't quit I don't quit them because it would be harder if I did quit them.

Born on mischief night in the year 1984, I have gone on to fail to achieve many things and I hope to continue to do so until I fail to achieve everything. Hopefully, I will not fail in this. Or maybe I will. I don't know which one's better.

Upon receiving a bachelor's degree in film from Temple University, I returned to my homeland of Northeastern Pennsylvania utterly unsurprised that the only jobs available to me are telemarketing and assembly line work. Both of which I have failed at. Having lost my zest for almost everything, I seek solace in crafting intelligent and/or funny articles about gaming.

I won't hide the fact that I'm not good at games or maybe I just have gaming self esteem issues. In appetite, I'm certainly hardcore. I want to play as many games as possible and of every single genre available. In playing style, business casual. I'll turn off a game at the drop of a hat if I get disinterested or frustrated by it.

I own a Wii and an Xbox 360. I have no overriding preference for either. Bioshock was on one, Twilight Princess was on the other. In this way, they both have already made good on the financial investment.

I'm the Bus. Get on me. Please don't leave gum underneath my seats.

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